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Grimm Fairytale Party Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 16, 2012

Looking for a different way to celebrate Halloween this year? Using the fairy tales from the brothers Grimm may just be that something different that makes your Halloween party unique. The brothers Grimm wrote many stories, so here are some of their most popular ones to get the ideas flowing.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! This story has been told and retold many times since it was written. Share the magic of this story with your guests by hosting a Rapunzel party. Wear wigs to have the guests feel like little Rapunzels themselves! Also, have Rapunzel’s magnificent castle on display for all to see. During the party, take a break and watch a funny spin on the Rapunzel story, called “Tangled.”


Cinderella, the girl with the glass shoe, could be the theme of the party. She is one of the most popular Disney princesses. Save time with decorating for this party by using a themed kit. When guests enter the party, have them enter a magical world by passing through the famous carriage that Cinderella rode in to go to the ball. Have something to do for the guests by setting up a princess piñata! Here is a video of one of the songs from Disney’s Cinderella. Guests could dress up as the mice, the evil stepsisters, the evil stepmother, the prince, or Cinderella herself!

Snow White

Snow White is another brothers Grimm fairy tale remade by Disney. For a Snow White party, have the girls dress up in Snow White gowns. For the boys, have them dress up as the Prince. Even have some of the guests dress in a hooded robe like the Queen did when poisoning Snow White with an apple. Set the scene with the Queen’s castle in the background of the party. To get in the spirit of this remarkable fairy tale, here is a song from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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Our Favorite Halloween Party Foods, Games, and Decorations-Interviews with Local Celebs

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 9, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, local Fort Wayne celebrities are offering their tips for spooky Halloween fun. We caught up with some on-air personalities to get their take on the holiday.

Charly Butcher, host of Ft. Wayne’s Morning News on Newstalk 1190 WOWO says his favorite part of Halloween is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Though he enjoys seeing the kids in their costumes, the best Halloween costume he’s seen in years was at a local nightclub. One patron wore an Oscar the Grouch costume, trashcan and all: “He could sit down and put the lid on it. He was on the dance floor, so it just looked like there was this big can on the dance floor, and he popped out of the can as Oscar the Grouch and scared everybody.”

Aside from handing out the candy, his favorite part of Halloween is carving pumpkins with his kids. Charly’s known as a master pumpkin carver around the Butcher house. The secret to his pumpkins is using templates and lots of patience. If you love carving pumpkins too, check out these tips for protecting your jack o’lantern from mold and dehydration.

For the ultimate Halloween decorations, Charly suggests lots of spider webs and strobe lights. He suggests, “You can do pretty cool things with multiple strobes. One looks lame; three looks awesome if you set them up right. You want to use them against the wall so it lights up off-angle to indirectly light the cobwebs and stuff.” He also suggests using fog machines or dry ice to create a bubbling cauldron: “a smoke machine inside of a cauldron looks like it’s bubbling out. One of those mini-smoke machines is perfect for that.”

Down the hall in the K105 studio, morning host Dude Walker‘s favorite part of Halloween is “scaring the crap out of people at the station.” He enjoys playing “fun natured” pranks, like waiting for people to come into their offices and jumping out to scare them or wearing masks.

At home he loves to take his kids trick-or-treating and seeing the kids Halloween costumes. His favorite costume recently was “a kid that was dressed up as a UPS man and he was pulling a make-shift doll and his little brother was dressed up as a package.” Sometimes, however, the grown-ups aren’t as cute. Dude notes, “We go to the adult parties and there’s usually people with borderline offensive costumes…There’s always somebody who takes it to the nth degree.”

If Dude could host the ultimate Halloween party, he says it would have a Fear Factor theme featuring “gross food, nasty food, brains. And lots of beer.”

Jim Shovlin, announcer for the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps and many local high school sports,  grew up in Fort Wayne and has fond memories of trick-or-treating two nights in a row. He and his group would visit the houses on October 30th and then change masks and go again on October 31st, earning twice the candy. I guess that’s trick and treat. As a parent, he also enjoyed trick-or-treating and now, as a grandfather of three, he’s looking forward to seeing the kids’ costumes. “When they text me those pictures I’ll get a little teary-eyed because they’ll look so cute.” His two year-old grandson “thinks he’s a Ninja Turtle,” Shovlin says. “He’d wear [that costume] every day if he could. With little kids they really get into it and put everything they’ve got into the costume.”

Like Charly, Shovlin also enjoys carving pumpkins and seeing the unique designs people come up with. He also thinks of the jack o’lantern as a bit of a personality test: “You can tell a little about a person’s personality based on the pumpkin they carve. If it’s a smiley face you can tell that person is a little bubbly. If they carved a mean face you kind of wonder about that person or maybe they had a bad day when they carved it.”

For his ultimate Halloween party, Shovlin would host the event in an old mansion and “No one would be admitted without a cool, cool costume.” The event would feature spooky decorations such as coffins smoking with dry ice, skeletons, and plenty of spiderwebs, “the usual ghouls and goblins of Halloween…the Addams Family would probably be in attendance.” For his party, there’d also be classic Halloween activities, such as bobbing for apples.  He asserts, “If you’re going to have a Halloween party, you really should go all out and get into the spirit.”

Finally, Shovlin notes the holiday spirit that comes along with Halloween, especially when people get involved with decorating their homes: “I really like that it’s not just Christmas that you see people putting decorations out for. With Halloween there’s the black and orange and I think those are traditions in this country that should be kept special.”

You can create your ultimate Halloween party like Charly, Dude, and Jim using ShindigZ Halloween decorations and kits. Create an old mansion setting using one of our Haunted House Kits or the crypt silhouette. Accent the yard in front of your house with personalized tombstones with funny or creepy names on them. Our zombie standees add an extra-spooky touch that’s perfectly on trend. Finish the look off with a smoke machine to create billowing Halloween fog.

On the inside of the party, set your tables with creepy Halloween tableware. And add our creepy cuts in a selection of eyeballs, limbs, or fingers to  the buffet table for a gross-out factor like at Dude’s Fear Factor party. Creating creepy food that isn’t quite as wild as Fear Factor can be a fun activity for adults or kids. You can make white chocolate eyeballs with pretzels and M-n-M’s as the pupil. A brain mold and pink Jell-O mix makes for a creepy edible focal point on your dessert table.

Set up wall decor or standees of creepy characters or add some cob webs around the room to add to the haunted mansion feel. Add strobe lights to your party space to create an unnerving ambiance. Remember, like Charly suggests, set the strobes along the wall so they light decorations at an angle and create an effect of seeing spooky sights out of the corner of your eye. Don’t forget Halloween costumes for your family! If cool costumes are a must-have for your guests, you’ll want to have an awesome alter-ego as well.

Halloween is just three-weeks away and Ft. Wayne is decked out in autumn leaves and spooky decor. What are your favorite Halloween traditions or party decorating ideas? Sound off in the comments!

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Organize a Zombie Prom School Dance

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 12, 2012

Zombie Prom Charity Dancing

It has never been cooler to be a zombie. Zombies made a major pop culture appearance in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video in 1983 and have made a huge splash in recent years on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Move over ghosts, out of the way witches… zombies are what’s hot.

So forget the traditional Halloween dance and instead organize a zombie prom school dance or charity dance.  It’s sure to draw a lot of attention and people will be just dying to attend!

Spread the Word

Guests will need to know in advance of your zombie prom. Some people will really want to go all out with their costumes and makeup, so give them plenty of notice about the event. Make sure to advertise the event in every way possible:

–          Have your zombie prom mentioned as often as possible in the school announcements.

–          If your school has a newspaper, see if it will do an article on the event.

–          Make posters and flyers and put them all over the school, especially focusing on the cafeteria, commons and restrooms.

–          Send out invitations in the mail or deliver them to students in class.

Deadly Decorations

You can’t expect to decorate for a zombie prom like you would any other school dance. The mood has to be set with zombie decorations. One of the most important things you’ll need is fog. After all, zombies have to hobble through graveyards in a rolling fog. Use a fog machine throughout the night to create a seriously spooky effect around the room, especially on the dance floor.

Your guests, who will hopefully all be dressed in zombie attire, won’t be enough to fully set the zombie scene. Consider purchasing some zombie silhouettes to place around the venue, or use zombie scene setter room rolls for the eerie appearance of zombies coming out of the walls.

If you have access to a projector, show old zombie movies on a big, blank wall. Even though you can’t hear what’s being said (zombies don’t say much anyway), it will create a cool effect. Some of our favorites are “I Walked with a Zombie,” “The Plague of the Zombies,” “White Zombie,” and, of course, “Night of the Living Dead.” Be sure you check with the school’s video policy before showing any video to students.

Morbid Music

Most students will want to dance to modern music that they know and love, but feel free to mix things up. Tell your D.J. to throw in some old-school tracks every once in a while that fit with your zombie theme. Some examples would be “Zombie” by The Cranberries and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Freaky Food

Zombie prom attendees are likely to get tired from all the zombie dancing they’ll be doing. Make sure you have refreshments available, and keep with the theme as much as possible. A simple red fruit punch can be served as “blood punch,” and a gory brain mold can be used to make a gelatin treat. Cupcake icing can also be made to look like brains, which are a zombie’s favorite!

If you can fully commit to the zombie theme and get people involved by dressing up and wearing zombie makeup, a zombie prom school dance has the potential to be the most memorable dance of the year!

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Costume Party Ideas: Glee Meets Gaga

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 24, 2011

Much of the charm of the “Glee meets Gaga” episode of Glee, “Born This Way,” is that the characters didn’t try to emulate Lady Gaga exactly. Instead, the Glee crew went for “Gaga-esque” and put their own personalities and personal touches on their costumes.

For this reason, if you are considering a Lady Gaga Halloween costume party, why not a Glee Meets Gaga theme party? Pay homage to her accomplishments by retaining her spirit and setting free your own imagination as well.

Gaga Foundation Halloween Costume Pieces
Visit the Lady Gaga Costumes department of the Halloween Costumes store first. Here, you’ll find the black sequin two-tone dress and the blue “Poker Face” video outfit complete with matching gloves.

This is where you’ll also get the creative juices flowing as you discover a selection of sunglasses, hats, feather and sequined masks, and wigs including the signature Lady Gaga long blonde wig with bangs. Keep your eye on that wig! We’ve got a couple fun ways to use it.

Do-it-yourself Lady Gaga/Glee Costumes
Gaga/Brittany’s silver lobster headdress: Make a stop in Nautical Party Supplies for a 16” long lobster cutout that you can cover in glitter in no time. Attach the finished lobster to an elasticized headband. That’s it! Since not everybody’s cut out to wear a transparent plastic dress with the headdress, you might opt for the black sequin as described above, or a simple black sheath as a contrast to the showy crustacean.

(Incidentally, nautical also carries a captain’s hat that’s not hard to picture Lady Gaga wearing.)

Gaga/Tina’s bubble dress: Select either silver metallic or clear crystal latex balloons. Inflate them to varying sizes but no bigger than about softball size. Create balloon ropes, each at least your own height, by attaching the knot ends of all but the smallest balloons to clear thread with small spaces between them.

To assemble the bubble costume, climb into a bodysuit that matches your skin color as closely as possible. Drape one rope over your shoulders like a stole. Then have a friend bring the other around your torso, crossing and twisting one thread around the other at the spaces wherever possible, but keeping the thread well away from your neck! Finally, have your friend glue the smallest balloons between and on top of the larger balloons with clear- and quick-drying craft glue that is skin safe.

To get the hair that goes with the bubble dress, trim the blonde wig with bangs to a bob length.

Gaga/Mercedes hair bow: Get two of the blonde wigs with bangs, one for wearing and the other for extra hair to make the bow. Type “Lady Gaga’s hair bow tutorial” into your preferred search engine and watch a couple of them. Be sure to cut the second wig as close to the cap as possible for a nice long length of hair to work with. Wear with the Lady Gaga getup of your choice and the tallest shoes you dare.

More Halloween Costume Ideas
Why not create a Lady Gaga Meets Halloween look? Imagine fingerless gloves, a feather boa and a chic witch’s broom — all in hot pink! Browse your way through Halloween Costume Accessories and Create-A Costume prop options to pull together your own unique Halloween tribute to the pop star today.

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