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10 Ideas for Halloween Event Supplies

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 4, 2010

Plan An Amazing Haunted Halloween Event
Whether you’re in charge of this year’s community haunted house or you’re planning a spooky sock hop, we’ve compiled a list of ten unique ideas for Halloween event supplies:

Enjoy this year’s Halloween festivities and do tell us your favorite Halloween ideas!

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13 Halloween Party Theme Ideas for 2010

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 8, 2010

“Halloween” is a fine party theme on its own, but why not change it up a little? Base Halloween party settings and slogans on favorites past and present, which will not only add fun to the party but will help focus the preparations, too. Here are 13 ideas we’ve come up with.

1. Vampire/Twilight™ Party
2. Monster Mash
3. Midnight in the Haunted House/Mansion/Castle
4. Night of the Living Dead
5. Haunted Cemetery
6. Tales from the Crypt
7. Haunted Lab/Frankenstein’s Lab
8. Dungeon of Doom
9. Ghost/Ghostbusters/Ghost Hunters
10. Haunted Harvest
11. Monster Mania
12. Nightmare on Elm Street/Freddy Krueger
13. Haunted Forest

Selecting a more narrow party theme helps guide the preparations, especially shopping for Halloween party supplies. It’s a much easier proposition when you establish early whether you are on the lookout for vampire party supplies or dungeon gear, zombie costumes or haunted house props!

Halloween 2010 lands on a Sunday, so take advantage of the opportunity for a weekend bash, or for setting up a haunted house, garage or other spooky space.

Have a theme idea we haven’t listed here? Please share in the comments!

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