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Organize a Zombie Prom School Dance

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 12, 2012

Zombie Prom Charity Dancing

It has never been cooler to be a zombie. Zombies made a major pop culture appearance in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video in 1983 and have made a huge splash in recent years on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Move over ghosts, out of the way witches… zombies are what’s hot.

So forget the traditional Halloween dance and instead organize a zombie prom school dance or charity dance.  It’s sure to draw a lot of attention and people will be just dying to attend!

Spread the Word

Guests will need to know in advance of your zombie prom. Some people will really want to go all out with their costumes and makeup, so give them plenty of notice about the event. Make sure to advertise the event in every way possible:

–          Have your zombie prom mentioned as often as possible in the school announcements.

–          If your school has a newspaper, see if it will do an article on the event.

–          Make posters and flyers and put them all over the school, especially focusing on the cafeteria, commons and restrooms.

–          Send out invitations in the mail or deliver them to students in class.

Deadly Decorations

You can’t expect to decorate for a zombie prom like you would any other school dance. The mood has to be set with zombie decorations. One of the most important things you’ll need is fog. After all, zombies have to hobble through graveyards in a rolling fog. Use a fog machine throughout the night to create a seriously spooky effect around the room, especially on the dance floor.

Your guests, who will hopefully all be dressed in zombie attire, won’t be enough to fully set the zombie scene. Consider purchasing some zombie silhouettes to place around the venue, or use zombie scene setter room rolls for the eerie appearance of zombies coming out of the walls.

If you have access to a projector, show old zombie movies on a big, blank wall. Even though you can’t hear what’s being said (zombies don’t say much anyway), it will create a cool effect. Some of our favorites are “I Walked with a Zombie,” “The Plague of the Zombies,” “White Zombie,” and, of course, “Night of the Living Dead.” Be sure you check with the school’s video policy before showing any video to students.

Morbid Music

Most students will want to dance to modern music that they know and love, but feel free to mix things up. Tell your D.J. to throw in some old-school tracks every once in a while that fit with your zombie theme. Some examples would be “Zombie” by The Cranberries and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Freaky Food

Zombie prom attendees are likely to get tired from all the zombie dancing they’ll be doing. Make sure you have refreshments available, and keep with the theme as much as possible. A simple red fruit punch can be served as “blood punch,” and a gory brain mold can be used to make a gelatin treat. Cupcake icing can also be made to look like brains, which are a zombie’s favorite!

If you can fully commit to the zombie theme and get people involved by dressing up and wearing zombie makeup, a zombie prom school dance has the potential to be the most memorable dance of the year!

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Dances, Homecomings, & School Fall Festivals

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 13, 2011

As we head into a new school year and change of seasons, so too we enter a different phase of the social whirl. Here are some handy pages and products to help you get ready for football, Homecoming dances and parades, fundraisers and other school-related fall functions.

Banners & Signs
No matter what fall school event you’re planning, you’ll need to advertise it on campus and maybe off. Weather-resistant vinyl banners come in seven sizes and are customizable with background color and design, font and text color, and graphic design or logo at minimum. You can add a photo to many banner designs, and grommets assure you can hang them anywhere. Shop for you banners by theme, holiday or special occasion. Don’t miss our banners made especially for school, too.

You could also add event information to a photorealistic backdrop or mural background.  Depending on the size you need, you have choice of material as well: vinyl, “photo real” cardboard or mural paper. We have several fall-themed backdrops and murals to set rural scenes in gorgeous autumn color.

Carnivals & Fundraising
Fall festivals and carnivals at school celebrate back-to-school but also have a fundraising function. You will want to select fall party supplies to create the seasonal mood, but don’t stop there; also visit our school event fundraiser and carnival party pages for craft, game and prize ideas.

Fall Party Decorations
For fall-themed parties and dances, we recommend bringing the outdoors in. Start with one of the backdrops mentioned above, festoon the room in fall leaves garland and add made-to-order cornstalk standees, an arch for an entrance or focal point (such as the one pictured, or use Create-An Arch Fall), and maybe a stand-alone faux fire pit as well!

Fall leaves Gleam’N Burst centerpieces coordinate well with the foil leaves garland. Place the centerpieces on chocolate brown table covers and finish your tables with our new Harvest Basket patterned tableware or tableware value packs from catering supplies.

Football Party Decorations
Watch for opportunities to customize the football decorations you find on these pages. A big Helmet Memories mural, Custom Creation arch, and giant football and helmet standees are ready to be personalized for Homecoming parties.

If you are shopping for collegiate football party supplies for Homecoming, you should know that Shindigz.com carries football party supplies for 29 NCAA teams!

Spirit items make naturally good party favors for football party events.

Parade Float Decorations
It’s never too early to finalize plans for that fall festival or Homecoming parade float, and to start shopping for materials. Metallic fringe and floral sheeting come in all the popular team colors, and readymade football float components give you a head start on a professional look. We can even help you give the team mascot a makeover! Just start from football party supplies to jump to float decorations, mascots, fan gear and more.

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