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Grimm Fairytale Party Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 16, 2012

Looking for a different way to celebrate Halloween this year? Using the fairy tales from the brothers Grimm may just be that something different that makes your Halloween party unique. The brothers Grimm wrote many stories, so here are some of their most popular ones to get the ideas flowing.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! This story has been told and retold many times since it was written. Share the magic of this story with your guests by hosting a Rapunzel party. Wear wigs to have the guests feel like little Rapunzels themselves! Also, have Rapunzel’s magnificent castle on display for all to see. During the party, take a break and watch a funny spin on the Rapunzel story, called “Tangled.”


Cinderella, the girl with the glass shoe, could be the theme of the party. She is one of the most popular Disney princesses. Save time with decorating for this party by using a themed kit. When guests enter the party, have them enter a magical world by passing through the famous carriage that Cinderella rode in to go to the ball. Have something to do for the guests by setting up a princess piñata! Here is a video of one of the songs from Disney’s Cinderella. Guests could dress up as the mice, the evil stepsisters, the evil stepmother, the prince, or Cinderella herself!

Snow White

Snow White is another brothers Grimm fairy tale remade by Disney. For a Snow White party, have the girls dress up in Snow White gowns. For the boys, have them dress up as the Prince. Even have some of the guests dress in a hooded robe like the Queen did when poisoning Snow White with an apple. Set the scene with the Queen’s castle in the background of the party. To get in the spirit of this remarkable fairy tale, here is a song from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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Our Favorite Halloween Party Favors

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 22, 2012

Our idea of proper Halloween party favors involves sweets and a bite – or rather, bit – of the unexpected. Here’s how to deliver treats and favors to your Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters.

Edible Party Favors
Let’s start with lollipops. We love chocolate in a lollipop, but if your preference or climate doesn’t agree, check out the yummy fruit swirl options. Personalize lollipops in a Halloween design and custom message (see examples at right).

Display lollipop favors as centerpieces for parties by anchoring them in floral foam and gems placed inside orange pails. Create a pleasing array by staggering the lollipops by height a little. Finish with Halloween sticker decals or simply tie a black or purple ribbon around the outside of each pail; place one or three pails on each table depending on the lengths of your tables. Encourage plucking at will.

If you prefer a favor at each guest’s place setting, lay out lollipops just as you would table utensils. Another option is to select another type of treat and put it into individual containers such as customized Halloween candy jars or cookie tins, for which plenty of Halloween designs are available as well.

Wearable Halloween Party Favors
We like theme-matching for wearables as far as possible because it’s easy and fun for all ages. For a vampire party, provide fangs; for a pirate party, put out the skeleton goblets. Some folks’ idea of a scary party is a 1980s party, in which case you’d want to shop the wigs and half-gloves and such.

More generally, masks are natural Halloween accompaniments. We like the Monster Mania set for the really young kiddos.

Glow party favors, likewise, are naturals for Halloween because of their eeriness, and they have a fairly wide appeal. Select glow sticks, fangs and swords for young trick-or-treaters and glow “jewelry” like rings and bracelets for older partyoers. Glowing stadium cups are a terrific Halloween favor choice when you have a large enough crowd that you are looking to buy in bulk.

Grownup Halloween Favors
By this we mean cocktails. We like shopping Boo-tique for a distinctive candelabra for the bar, then stocking it with Halloween-witty beverage napkins and covering bottles with personalized bottle labels. You will also want to know that we’ve added a line of ceramic coasters to our personalized Halloween coasters in trendy designs that your friends will love to take home and reuse.

Wrap It Up
Mummy had mad skills in this, and we like to carry on the tradition. Use our bloody gauze panels to create bags for party candy, wax lips, skull rings and little plastic spiders. Cut strips for self-ties to hold the bags closed or use black ribbon or pieces of bloody bandages decoration.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, stalk our line of Halloween favor boxes. We’re particularly enjoying the new gable boxes, which conveniently now come in black and orange. Put Halloween sticker decals on them as described above with the pails.

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Not So Scary Halloween Celebration Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 11, 2011

People of all ages love Halloween! While gruesome, scary décor and party themes are fun for older kids and adults, young children (and some fearful grown-ups) are often genuinely creeped out by frightening decorations. If this is you, take heart (but not literally), here are a number of not so scary Halloween celebration ideas:

Halloween Party Decorations-Outdoor and Indoor
Amazing outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations are readily available, even if you are catering to the lighter side of Halloween.

Start by placing a giant 3D lighted Jack O’Lantern on your front porch, or near your front door. Then hang a lighted spider web on your door or on your house. Dress up your steel garage door with the fun stix Halloween magnetic decorations, and stick the happy jack window wall graphic in your front window for added dimension to your outdoor decor. Stay outdoors or move to indoor decorating with personalized Halloween banners. Several suggestions for cute banners are: the personalized Halloween family banner, the candy corn personalized banner, trick or treaters banner, or the pumpkin personalized banner.

Hang fun, colorful decorations from the ceiling at different heights. The fall fluffy hanging decorations are a great choice, especially in combination with the gruesome group hanging decorations. Then attach a mixture of decorations on your walls. In your entryway, the happy Halloween wall graphic with your family name on it is a welcoming sign to guests that this is a friendly Halloween celebration. Continue filling the walls with Halloween cheer as you put up the gruesome group glitter cutouts and the ghost felt cutout assortment. In the main party area, the stack o’Jack-O-Lanterns is a crazy and silly addition to the non-scary atmosphere.

Halloween balloons are a friendly way to incorporate a light-hearted tone to your party setting. Group a bunch of black and orange polka dot latex balloons with some of these adorable mylar balloon choices: the black cat, the kooky bat, the giant witch hat, the haunted (or not so haunted) house, and the happy ghost. Don’t forget to have a helium tank at the ready to fill all of your balloons!

Halloween Party Activities
Capture the costumed guests by taking lots of photos! Provide exciting Halloween photo props and photo stand ins for the guests to indulge in a variety of poses.
Photo Props: Frankenstein, Scarecrow, or Witch
Photo Stand-Ins: Scarecrow, Mummy, Juggling Skeleton Child, or Pirate Photo Setting

Set up popular Halloween activities like the classic bobbing for apples, the pumpkin toss game, the inflatable pumpkin ball toss game, and the inflatable spider ring toss game.

Three adorable Halloween craft ideas are: assemble the Foamies candy corn bucket, put together the make a scarecrow craft kit, or paint the large paintable pumpkin.

Remember, when you want to please the crowd, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween pinata full of candy and other fun filler items!


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Halloween Boo-tique Decorating Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 27, 2011

Halloween is a big deal in some people’s lives! It’s the time to dress up, be silly, scary, and it’s definitely not for the squeamish! You can create a light, festive Halloween party or a creepy, crawly one using these easy tips:

Festive & Friendly Halloween:

Creepy, Crawly Halloween:

Whether your taste is festive or scary, Shindigz can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween party!

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