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Five Alternative Themes for Parties at Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 14, 2011

Traditional Halloween parties seem to all go the same way. There’s bobbing for apples, drinking cider, jack-o-lanterns adorning every table and lots and lots of orange and black. Been there, done that. Try something different this year for your Halloween celebration and have an alternative Halloween party your guests will be talking about for years to come!

Celebrity Party
Whether it’s Lady Gaga or Michael Jordan, everyone has a favorite celebrity they would love to be if even just for a day. Help your guest’s dreams come true by having a celebrity-themed Halloween party! Roll out the red carpet for your guests as they arrive, and be sure to take lots of pictures in true paparazzi style. Have elegant hours devours prepared, popular music and be sure to give away Hollywood awards for the best celebrity look-alikes. This theme can be done with adults and/or children and is especially good for the party host who wants to steer clear of anything scary for their Halloween party.

Vampire Party
There’s no doubt that vampires have reached insane levels of popularity over the past couple of years, and Halloween is the perfect time to throw a vampire party- no humans allowed! Make sure your guests grab their white vampire fangs and prepare for a night of fun with fellow vampires. Set the mood with organ music or have your favorite vampire movie playing. Send your guests home with candies covered in Halloween favor wrappers they won’t find anywhere else! Depending on how much you get into the vampire and blood theme, this party is still probably best for adults only.

Halloween Hoedown
Not everyone is into the spook and gore of Halloween, so why not throw a non-threatening Halloween Hoedown? Greet your cowboy-hat and boot-wearing guests at a barn entrance  and direct them to the fun inside. Play your favorite country music and leave plenty of room for line dancing. Guests old and young will get a kick out of glass boot mugs they can take home to remember the party throughout the year. This non-threatening Halloween theme will leave your guests feeling light-hearted instead of spooked out.

Decade Party
Hulahoop back to the 50’s. Flashback to the 80’s. Take your Halloween guests to a decade they haven’t visited in years. The key to this party is your groovy music CD.  Play favorite songs from your chosen decade and watch your guests reminisce about old times. Have friends and family bring pictures of themselves from past decades and put them into a box as they arrive. Display the pictures and see if your guests can pick each other out from the wall of photos. Your peace sign danglers fit any retro party and leave your guests feeling like they’ve gone back in time.

Wild about Halloween
Unleash your inner animal at a safari-themed Halloween party. Guests of all ages can dress as their favorite animal, or make things really interesting by telling people what animal they have to dress up as! Decorate your venue with animal print party balloons and literally make everything – from the invitations to the giraffe print cups – in the animal print of choice. Play a game of animal charades and watch your guests fall over in laughter as they watch each other imitate wild animals.

Let your October imagination run wild with unique, Halloween theme parties!

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Halloween Classroom Party Games & Activities

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 27, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner, don’t be left in the dark for your classroom party, bring into play these fun Halloween classroom party games and activities:

Fill the Pumpkin Game
Place a pumpkin Halloween candy bucket about 4-6 feet away from the students. In a large plastic Halloween bowl, provide several pieces of party candy, preferably all of the same kind, like Tootsie Rolls or Frooties. Line the students up behind a tape line and give them each a time allotted turn (suggestion: 20-30 seconds) tossing candy, piece by piece into the bucket. After each turn, count how many pieces each student was able to get into the bucket and keep a tally to see which student(s) got the most candy in the bucket. A variation on this game is to break up the classroom into two teams and run the same game, only do the count at the very end to see which team got the most candy in their bucket.

Ghost Busters Game
Cut 30-50 ghosts, about 5-6 inches tall, out of white construction paper. Give the ghosts faces with a black sharpie marker on one side. Turn each ghost to the blank side and assign each ghost a point value (1, 5, 10, 20, etc.) with a pen or highlighter. Assign point values based on age appropriate math numbers. For older kids use larger numbers to make the game more exciting. Hide the ghosts around the room while the students are gone or if they will be supervised, have them step out into the hallway so you can hide the ghosts. Let the students back in the classroom and then instruct them to be ghost busters and find as many ghosts as they can before you yell “boo!” When the game is over, have the students add up the numbers on their ghosts to see who had the most points. Give the winners a thrill with cool glow in the dark fangs as their prize.

Halloween Toss Games
Who can resist a game of bean bag toss, especially with a Halloween themed board? Your students will love lining up for the monster lab toss game or the Halloween bean bag toss game. Both of these games feature a colorful Halloween theme, and include point values on the board. Tally up the points each student gets after their turn is completed.

Bat Pinata Activity
A crowd pleasing Halloween party activity is the classic and beloved piñata. Let the students take a whack with a piñata buster at this crazy looking bat piñata. You can never go wrong the piñata filler, packed with yummy treats and fun toys. If you are looking for an alternative idea, fill the piñata with fun erasers, stickers, or coupons/bucks for special classroom perks.

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Classroom Party Decorations for Lessons on the Human Body

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 20, 2011

Skeleton Wall Cling

When it comes time for classroom study of the human body, look to Shindigz.com’s assortment of skeleton Halloween decorations for fun and affordable help with teaching witch which bones are connected to which.

One such product is the Skeleton Wall Cling by Martha Stewart Crafts™, shown at right (click on the image for a version you can zoom into). These realistic-looking Halloween decorations are detailed enough to provide a visual guide for elementary-level school anatomy studies at a cost under $20. As wall decorations, they do not take up precious floor space, and they come in pieces that you can position at just the right height for your class and in the right configuration to leave wall space for labeling the bones as you wish.

The Martha Stewart™ name means the skeleton wall cling is durable, too. With a little care, you can remove and store the skeleton for next year.

Here are some suggestions for using other skeletal Halloween party supplies for school anatomy units:

  • Cut off individual skeletons from our string of skeletons for individual student study.

  • Use glitter skeleton table sprinkles pieces as markers in “anatomy bingo” games, or as tokens for correct answers during anatomy contests that the winners can later trade for other prizes.

  • For the youngest school-agers, hang the simpler vinyl glowing skeleton set, that looks more childlike, instead.

  • Of course, any of the above classroom helpers can do duty as actual classroom Halloween party decorations when the time comes! See you in Halloween party supplies and Everything Elementary at Shindigz.com.

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    Decorations for a Halloween Classroom Party

    Posted by Wendy Moyle on June 5, 2009

    We carry great Halloween decorations, haunted house decorations, yard signs, door covers, budget priced centerpieces, tableware, favors and more.  Here are a few extra tips for pulling your ghoulish look together for the biggest impact. Most will work whether your party location is indoors or outdoors, or whether you are decorating a gymnasium, a classroom, or a haunted house.

    Welcome students to the class party with a custom vinyl banner such as our Pumpkin Personalized Banner. Our personalized vinyl banners are printed on heavy-duty vinyl. They make great keepsakes if you have your students sign the banner after the party!

    * Cut white 60″ Gossamer into different ghost shapes, creating the ghouls only from their tummies to their heads. Be creative and cut different sizes out, but try to make the arms quite long. They can be about 4 feet in length if you are going to use them in a home or 10/15 feet long if you are using them in a room with high ceilings and door frames. Hang the ghosts upside down from doorways, or scattered across a ceiling. Because the gossamer is so lightweight, the ghosts can be attached with pushpins or with a little masking tape. They’ll billow with any breeze at all, and create a delightfully frightening effect. A guaranteed hit!

    * To create a haunted house, darken a bright and cheerful room to set the right mood, or to make a space feel more intimate and spooky, our black gossamer is the answer. The gossamer drapes and hangs so easily, it is ideal to use if you are attempting to divide an area into smaller sections for a haunted house effect. A clothesline strung strategically across the ceiling provides the ideal way to hang the gossamer. Start with a black light, a strobe light, and some graveyard gates and tombstones. Add lots of fake spider webs (we even have some that glow in the dark), some Monsters and Mummies dressed to frighten your guests, creepy Sound Effects, and some disgusting body parts to touch in the dark. Here are a few suggestions for some easy but revolting body parts: thick balogna – monster tongue, cooked spaghetti – intestines, pickles – knobby toes, eyeballs – peeled hard-boiled eggs, bowl of Jell-O™ – brain). EEEK…The best haunted house your guests have ever dared to visit!

    * Hang our twisty mini spider mylar balloon spiders, and ghost “spooks” down from the ceiling at varying lengths with fishing line or thread. Accent tables with plenty of spider webbing, and creepy Crawlies.

    * When decorating tables in a classroom, start with colored Plastic Table covers in black, orange, green or purple. Green and purple together accented with a little orange make a great combination, and a nice change from the traditional black and orange. If you are planning a party for little ones who may be afraid of witches, devils or ghosts, make the decorating more festive than scary. Try using some of our snack or craft ideas as table decorations, then you’ll only need to sprinkle a little bat Confetti, some clip-on crawlie spiders, or some mini witch’s hats down the center of the table.

    * For an original touch on your Halloween tables, use a paint pen (available at craft and art supply stores) to draw little random dots on the handles of Plastic Cutlery. Utilize colors that coordinate with your decorating scheme. Tie the plastic flatware together with Curling Ribbon…big impact at a little price!

    * Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons. Balloons can turn any space into a creepy, cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You need not use helium, and will save money using this tip. Inflate Halloween related balloons, and tie a 5-8 foot piece of black or orange curling ribbon to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors. Group a bunch of them together over a serving table, over a doorway, or in any creative manner you choose.

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