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Our Favorite Halloween Party Foods, Games, and Decorations-Interviews with Local Celebs

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 9, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, local Fort Wayne celebrities are offering their tips for spooky Halloween fun. We caught up with some on-air personalities to get their take on the holiday.

Charly Butcher, host of Ft. Wayne’s Morning News on Newstalk 1190 WOWO says his favorite part of Halloween is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Though he enjoys seeing the kids in their costumes, the best Halloween costume he’s seen in years was at a local nightclub. One patron wore an Oscar the Grouch costume, trashcan and all: “He could sit down and put the lid on it. He was on the dance floor, so it just looked like there was this big can on the dance floor, and he popped out of the can as Oscar the Grouch and scared everybody.”

Aside from handing out the candy, his favorite part of Halloween is carving pumpkins with his kids. Charly’s known as a master pumpkin carver around the Butcher house. The secret to his pumpkins is using templates and lots of patience. If you love carving pumpkins too, check out these tips for protecting your jack o’lantern from mold and dehydration.

For the ultimate Halloween decorations, Charly suggests lots of spider webs and strobe lights. He suggests, “You can do pretty cool things with multiple strobes. One looks lame; three looks awesome if you set them up right. You want to use them against the wall so it lights up off-angle to indirectly light the cobwebs and stuff.” He also suggests using fog machines or dry ice to create a bubbling cauldron: “a smoke machine inside of a cauldron looks like it’s bubbling out. One of those mini-smoke machines is perfect for that.”

Down the hall in the K105 studio, morning host Dude Walker‘s favorite part of Halloween is “scaring the crap out of people at the station.” He enjoys playing “fun natured” pranks, like waiting for people to come into their offices and jumping out to scare them or wearing masks.

At home he loves to take his kids trick-or-treating and seeing the kids Halloween costumes. His favorite costume recently was “a kid that was dressed up as a UPS man and he was pulling a make-shift doll and his little brother was dressed up as a package.” Sometimes, however, the grown-ups aren’t as cute. Dude notes, “We go to the adult parties and there’s usually people with borderline offensive costumes…There’s always somebody who takes it to the nth degree.”

If Dude could host the ultimate Halloween party, he says it would have a Fear Factor theme featuring “gross food, nasty food, brains. And lots of beer.”

Jim Shovlin, announcer for the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps and many local high school sports,  grew up in Fort Wayne and has fond memories of trick-or-treating two nights in a row. He and his group would visit the houses on October 30th and then change masks and go again on October 31st, earning twice the candy. I guess that’s trick and treat. As a parent, he also enjoyed trick-or-treating and now, as a grandfather of three, he’s looking forward to seeing the kids’ costumes. “When they text me those pictures I’ll get a little teary-eyed because they’ll look so cute.” His two year-old grandson “thinks he’s a Ninja Turtle,” Shovlin says. “He’d wear [that costume] every day if he could. With little kids they really get into it and put everything they’ve got into the costume.”

Like Charly, Shovlin also enjoys carving pumpkins and seeing the unique designs people come up with. He also thinks of the jack o’lantern as a bit of a personality test: “You can tell a little about a person’s personality based on the pumpkin they carve. If it’s a smiley face you can tell that person is a little bubbly. If they carved a mean face you kind of wonder about that person or maybe they had a bad day when they carved it.”

For his ultimate Halloween party, Shovlin would host the event in an old mansion and “No one would be admitted without a cool, cool costume.” The event would feature spooky decorations such as coffins smoking with dry ice, skeletons, and plenty of spiderwebs, “the usual ghouls and goblins of Halloween…the Addams Family would probably be in attendance.” For his party, there’d also be classic Halloween activities, such as bobbing for apples.  He asserts, “If you’re going to have a Halloween party, you really should go all out and get into the spirit.”

Finally, Shovlin notes the holiday spirit that comes along with Halloween, especially when people get involved with decorating their homes: “I really like that it’s not just Christmas that you see people putting decorations out for. With Halloween there’s the black and orange and I think those are traditions in this country that should be kept special.”

You can create your ultimate Halloween party like Charly, Dude, and Jim using ShindigZ Halloween decorations and kits. Create an old mansion setting using one of our Haunted House Kits or the crypt silhouette. Accent the yard in front of your house with personalized tombstones with funny or creepy names on them. Our zombie standees add an extra-spooky touch that’s perfectly on trend. Finish the look off with a smoke machine to create billowing Halloween fog.

On the inside of the party, set your tables with creepy Halloween tableware. And add our creepy cuts in a selection of eyeballs, limbs, or fingers to  the buffet table for a gross-out factor like at Dude’s Fear Factor party. Creating creepy food that isn’t quite as wild as Fear Factor can be a fun activity for adults or kids. You can make white chocolate eyeballs with pretzels and M-n-M’s as the pupil. A brain mold and pink Jell-O mix makes for a creepy edible focal point on your dessert table.

Set up wall decor or standees of creepy characters or add some cob webs around the room to add to the haunted mansion feel. Add strobe lights to your party space to create an unnerving ambiance. Remember, like Charly suggests, set the strobes along the wall so they light decorations at an angle and create an effect of seeing spooky sights out of the corner of your eye. Don’t forget Halloween costumes for your family! If cool costumes are a must-have for your guests, you’ll want to have an awesome alter-ego as well.

Halloween is just three-weeks away and Ft. Wayne is decked out in autumn leaves and spooky decor. What are your favorite Halloween traditions or party decorating ideas? Sound off in the comments!


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2011 Costume Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 15, 2011

Whether you like to go classic, cutting edge or humorous for Halloween and costume parties, there is no shortage of options in Halloween costumes for 2011.

Go To the Movies
For the absolute latest trends in costumes, our advice is to go to the movies this year. New Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, XMen and Green Lantern films will be released in 2011, meaning lots of choices coming up in new costumes whether your character preference is Jack Sparrow or Voldemort. Shop Movie Costumes for some of the hottest movie and TV selections out there.

Play Favorites
Another way to go this year is a classic costume. Sci-fi and superhero characters fit this category, as do old- fashioned witches and monsters such as vampires and werewolves that are as fashionable as ever thanks to such TV fare as The Vampire Diaries and Being Human. From Spiderman to Darth Vader, Dracula to Wolfman, see Movie & TV as above, Witch Costumes and Horror Costumes.

Humor Us
If you like to walk into a room and hear laughter as others spot your costume, Create-a-Costume may be for you with its wacky wigs, glasses and other costume accessories. Put together an over-the-top 1970s “disco guy” with big wig and mustache, or a “biker” sporting a flame bandanna and tattoo sleeves. Or, pull on one of our hilarious sandwich board instant costumes (found in Men’s, Women’s or Teens’ pages).

Think Young
Look for older kids’ faves in durable, detailed Disney™ Costumes. Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean are still running strong as are girls’ Disney Channel characters from The Wizards of Waverly, Hannah Montana and Camp Rock.

In Infants & Toddlers, don’t miss the highly-rated Pinkalicious™ and UPS™ Guy costumes for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

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Fun Kids’ Halloween Costumes for 2009

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 28, 2009

Hannah-Montana-Pink-Polka-Dot-CostumeWhat do your kids want to dress as for Halloween this year? We have a great selection of Halloween costumes for babies, kids, teens, and adults. With our selection of children’s Halloween costumes for 2009, your kids are sure to have the best costumes on the block!

For girls, Hannah Montana and High School Musical Costumes are ever-popular. This year there are new styles of Hannah Montana and High School Musical Costumes to keep up with trends. The Hannah Montana Pink Polka Dot Dress Costume (pictured right) has a fun black, white, and pink outfit that looks great with our Hannah Montana Wigs and glitter microphones.

Girls who love High School Musical will love the Gabriella Prom Costume. The white and pink floral dress includes an adorable matching headband. We also carry a Sharpay Prom Costume with a shiny pink dress, petticoat, and matching hair accessory.

Camp Rock fans will look cool in our Mitchie Torres Costume, which includes a top, leggings, and fringed boot covers. It looks awesome with our Mitchie Torres wig and glitter microphone.

Our Skeleton Bride Costume is a great choice for girls who want something spooky for Halloween. The Skeleton Bride Costume includes a dress with a hood and a chain belt. It looks great with white tights and a Zombie Bride Bouquet.

Star-Trek-Spock-CostumeFor boys, our Star Trek Spock Costume, inspired by the 2009 summer movie, is a great choice! Each Spock Costume includes a shirt, dickie, and pants. Another awesome, movie-inspired costume is the Iron Man Costume, with matching Iron Man Gloves!

Little guys will look cute in our Wee Werewolf Costume, including a jumpsuit with faux fur accents and a headpiece. Our Toddlers’ UPS Man Costume is another sweet choice.

For boys who want something scarier, our Transylvania Vampire Costume is a frighteningly cool choice. The costume includes a jumpsuit with wings and a half mask. Our Zombie Pizza Boy Costume and Zombie Mailman Costumes are a terrifying choice.

Check out all of our Halloween costumes for a ton of costume options for your kids to choose from for this year’s trick-or-treating!

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Halloween Costumes Get Political

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 11, 2007

As people are purchasing costumes for Halloween 2007, ShindigZ asked visitors to their website which 2008 Presidential candidate would make the scariest costume. The site receives over 25,000 visitors each day and thousands of people responded to the question in a poll posted on the home page of the website over the past four weeks.

Hillary Clinton (53.2%) was voted the scariest costume, leading Al Gore (10.3%) by over 40 percentage points. Next was Rudy Guiliani with 9.4% of customers voting him the scariest. Rounding out the ballot were Barack Obama (7.2%), Fred Thompson (6.7%), John Edwards (6.1%), and John McCain (4%). Mitt Romney was voted the least scary Halloween costume of the major presidential candidates with just 3.1%.

Overall, the Democrats (76.8%) were found scarier than the Republicans (23.2%). With Hillary Clinton’s scary majority removed, however, the two parties are about equal with the Democrats taking 23.6% of votes and the Republicans 23.2%.

In a related poll, ShindigZ asked customers what George Bush should dress up as for Halloween. In the poll, 41.2% of customers thought President Bush should dress up in a Sharpay Costume, the antagonist of Disney’s High School Musical. 25.4% thought he should dress as the “scariest” candidate, in a Hillary Clinton mask. 14% voted for Spiderman while 11.9% thought the president should embrace his roots and dress as Walker, Texas Ranger. Another 5.2% voted for the president to dress up as his father, George H.W. Bush and finally 2.2% thought he should dress as Donald Rumsfeld.

President Bush, and all Americans, can find some of those costumes and many others at online.

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