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Five Alternative Themes for Parties at Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 14, 2011

Traditional Halloween parties seem to all go the same way. There’s bobbing for apples, drinking cider, jack-o-lanterns adorning every table and lots and lots of orange and black. Been there, done that. Try something different this year for your Halloween celebration and have an alternative Halloween party your guests will be talking about for years to come!

Celebrity Party
Whether it’s Lady Gaga or Michael Jordan, everyone has a favorite celebrity they would love to be if even just for a day. Help your guest’s dreams come true by having a celebrity-themed Halloween party! Roll out the red carpet for your guests as they arrive, and be sure to take lots of pictures in true paparazzi style. Have elegant hours devours prepared, popular music and be sure to give away Hollywood awards for the best celebrity look-alikes. This theme can be done with adults and/or children and is especially good for the party host who wants to steer clear of anything scary for their Halloween party.

Vampire Party
There’s no doubt that vampires have reached insane levels of popularity over the past couple of years, and Halloween is the perfect time to throw a vampire party- no humans allowed! Make sure your guests grab their white vampire fangs and prepare for a night of fun with fellow vampires. Set the mood with organ music or have your favorite vampire movie playing. Send your guests home with candies covered in Halloween favor wrappers they won’t find anywhere else! Depending on how much you get into the vampire and blood theme, this party is still probably best for adults only.

Halloween Hoedown
Not everyone is into the spook and gore of Halloween, so why not throw a non-threatening Halloween Hoedown? Greet your cowboy-hat and boot-wearing guests at a barn entrance  and direct them to the fun inside. Play your favorite country music and leave plenty of room for line dancing. Guests old and young will get a kick out of glass boot mugs they can take home to remember the party throughout the year. This non-threatening Halloween theme will leave your guests feeling light-hearted instead of spooked out.

Decade Party
Hulahoop back to the 50’s. Flashback to the 80’s. Take your Halloween guests to a decade they haven’t visited in years. The key to this party is your groovy music CD.  Play favorite songs from your chosen decade and watch your guests reminisce about old times. Have friends and family bring pictures of themselves from past decades and put them into a box as they arrive. Display the pictures and see if your guests can pick each other out from the wall of photos. Your peace sign danglers fit any retro party and leave your guests feeling like they’ve gone back in time.

Wild about Halloween
Unleash your inner animal at a safari-themed Halloween party. Guests of all ages can dress as their favorite animal, or make things really interesting by telling people what animal they have to dress up as! Decorate your venue with animal print party balloons and literally make everything – from the invitations to the giraffe print cups – in the animal print of choice. Play a game of animal charades and watch your guests fall over in laughter as they watch each other imitate wild animals.

Let your October imagination run wild with unique, Halloween theme parties!

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Sorry. The Mummy Ate the Easter Bunny

Posted by Wendy Moyle on April 1, 2011

Do you have family members with a morbid sense of humor, or friends who are connoisseurs of practical jokes? If so, include a visit to Halloween party supplies as part of your Easter planning for ideas that will make April Fool’s Day pranks pale in comparison.

Ideas for Easter Bunny’s Sad Fate

Plant a walking mummy yard sign that has the message: “I love Hasenpfeffer!”

Create an Easter Bunny “imposter” by gluing a skull graphic or cutout into the face place of a Paste Your Face bunny standee or by attaching bunny ears to the monster of your choice.

Customize Halloween tombstones with the epitaph: “The Rabbit Kicked the Bucket” (or better yet, “The Wabbit Kicked the Bucket” a la Elmer Fudd in the Bugs Bunny cartoon!).

Ideas for Creepy Easter Baskets

Use black tissue grass mats to line baskets instead of the usual green shred.

Place a creepy little something among the Easter basket treats: a decapitated chocolate bunny, or – definitely for PG-13 rated audiences and older – one of our severed finger Halloween decorations.

Cover baskets in fake cobwebs.

Ideas for Horrifying Easter Egg Hunts

Skull GraphicHide small plastic creepy crawlies or bug-shaped gummy candy, such as Wonka® Sluggles gummies, inside plastic eggs.

Create a broken Easter egg “fake spill” with sunny yellow paint and craft glue that dries clear (see general directions here). Stick pieces of plastic egg “shell” or real eggshell pieces in the broken “egg” before it dries. Position it strategically as an Easter surprise.

Host a Halloween “dig” instead. Place a funny personalized tombstone in a sandbox and place dinosaur eggs, Bag O’ Bones pieces and other weird stuff along with the Easter eggs.

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Host a Twilight Party with Vampire Decorations!

Posted by Wendy Moyle on June 23, 2009

haunted-house-decorationsTwilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, plus the movies based off of them, have become a huge sensation! If you’re a Twilight fan and so are your friends, a Twilight party with vampire themed party supplies will be a hit! This party isn’t just great for Halloween. It’ll be fun for birthday parties or other celebrations! Here are our tips for creating a fun Twilight themed party!

Welcome guests to your party using a personalized vinyl banner. Our Haunted Cemetery Personalized Banner is a great choice. Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in several different sizes to fit your needs.

Create a focal point for your event and set the whole scene using our Haunted House Decorations. The Large Haunted Mansion Silhouette is 10 feet high and 9 ½ feet wide. The Small Haunted Mansion Silhouette is 46 ½ inches tall and 4 feet 7 inches wide. Add the flying bats and a Gargoyle Tombstone to complete the scene. These decorations are awesome for using at Halloween too.

Decorate your party space using black crepe roles or cob web print gossamer decorating material. Create swags, grapes and columns with the materials to further the look of a haunted home of a vampire family.

Use black balloons to add some extra dimension to your decorations. Create balloon bunches of odd numbers using black helium balloons and secure them with black curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or to black foil balloon weights. For an extra special touch, add a gold or silver crescent moon mylar balloon.

Add a spooky accent with cob webs and for a final touch create a garland of string ‘em bats around the room.

For your party food, cover tables with black plastic table covers and add some silver metallic star confetti. In the center of the table add black silk roses or our flaming table torches for an eerie effect. Use black or silver plastic tableware and coordinating cutlery to serve your snacks on.

For a fantastic party favor, hand out glow in the dark vampire fangs to guests at the door and they can use them during the party and for fun times to come.

Check out all of our Vampire Party Supplies for more ideas and tell us about your Twilight party!

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Mummy Decorations for Monster Mash

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 15, 2008

Roll your Halloween decorations into one great theme with mummy decorations. ShindigZ has a ton of Mummy decorations for around your home or at your Halloween party.

Start things off with a scare using Mummy Garage Door Décor. The vinyl cling attaches to your garage door and can be used again next Halloween too.

Place a Mummy Yard Sign at the edge of your driveway to welcome guests and trick or treaters. You can personalize the yard sign with your own custom wording. The 2’x2’ sign is made of corex and comes with an H-stake so you can easily place it in your lawn.

Add a Holographic Mummy Yard Sign for a spooky look to light the night. The PVC and metal sign is 48” tall and 27 ½” wide and lights up for a look that will startle trick-or-treaters.

As a silly alternative, try the airblown motorcycle riding mummy, which stands 20” h x 56” wide and 72” long. The funny skeleton decoration will be a hit!

On the inside of your home, hang a shaking mummy cocoon man decoration, which includes two spiders and string to hang him upside down. He really moves and will scare guests and stir up some fun.

Another fun addition is the Mummy Standee. It’s great for taking commemorative photos and keeping kids entertained!

Create a backdrop for your mummy decorations using white gossamer, bloody bandage garland and balloon bouquets. Add a Mummy Mylar Balloon to the mix to brighten things up.

Don’t forget Mummy costumes! ShindigZ has mummy costumes for men and women, plus adorable toddler and infant mummy costumes.

Check out all of our Halloween decorating tips and tell us about your mummy-themed decorating ideas!

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