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Creepiest Halloween Party Snacks

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 14, 2012

Want to really creep out your Halloween party guests? Don’t just serve cookies and punch. Take things a bit further with some creepy Halloween party snacks.

Bewitching Drinks

Instead of throwing cans of your favorite beverages in a cooler or ice bucket, have them guarded by a spooky witch, who will keep your drinks chilled in her cauldron filled with ice. The Witch Cauldron Cooler is made of plastic and inflates to around four-feet high.

If you’ll be serving drinks over ice, make some eerie ice cubes with Bone Chillers Ice Cube Trays. The black, plastic skull and crossbones ice cube tray makes eight unique ice cubes.

Nonskulls Cupcakes

Don’t just serve your cooky and creepy cupcakes in regular cupcake wrappers. Instead, bake your ghoulish cupcakes in Nomskulls Cupcake Molds and use pink icing to make the tops of the cupcakes look like brains.

Ghoulish Gelatin

It’s slippery and gross. It’s slime. Serve your guests some green slime at your Halloween party. The edible slime can come in the form of lime gelatin. Put the slime in some sort of Halloween-themed cups like Beware Zombies Cups.

To make things even creepier, use the Gory Brain Mold to make some delectable gelatin brains. The mold holds 48 ounces of gelatin.

Vampire Candy

Even vampires like candy, so vampire candy at your Halloween party is a must if you want to creep out your guests with a delicious treat. Pick your favorite candy and wrap it in Vampire Candy Favor Wrappers. The wrappers are black and red and include sayings like, “Happy Halloween,” “Eat if you dare,” “Bwa ha ha,” and “Sweet Tooth.”

For Adults Only

If your party is for adults, serve your shots in Syringe Shot Glasses. These shot glasses have the look of large medical syringes and each holds one ounce of liquid.

The more slimy and gross your snacks appear the bigger hit they will be. Get your thinking cap on and come up with some of your own creepy snack ideas for your Halloween party.

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