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He Rolled Away a Personalized Tombstone!

Posted by Wendy Moyle on April 5, 2011

Odd as it may sound at first, it may be worth your while to venture from church decorations shopping to check out some Halloween decorations and other party supplies for an Easter church display, Sunday school classroom or pageant.

Imagine adapting a crypt standee into a cave, and fashioning Halloween tombstones into a boulder. The advantage — besides not having to build these items from scratch, of course — is to be able to customize them with special Easter messages such as “He is Risen.” The products are free-standing yet do not take up a lot of floor space, so they are classroom-friendly. Place them in front of a background of tan cobblestone flat paper or other rock patterned paper.

Our Halloween costumes department includes religious costumes for children that are highly rated by shoppers for their detail and fit, a good investment that can be used for both Easter and Nativity events down the road. We also have affordable but quite authentic-looking Roman helmets and other Roman wearables tucked into our “hats, bandannas and wigs” party favors pages. The helmets are one-size-fits-most.

Get a good start on recreating a stunning Last Supper tableau by covering a long table with a white table cover and metallic gold plates from our solid color tableware collection.

And, finally, don’t forget a sign or two for reminding folks of your Easter event. We have a dozen beautiful, inspirational church banner designs that are appropriate for Easter celebrations, yard signs and a 7-foot personalized cross standee to choose from.

Happy Easter!


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2011 Costume Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 15, 2011

Whether you like to go classic, cutting edge or humorous for Halloween and costume parties, there is no shortage of options in Halloween costumes for 2011.

Go To the Movies
For the absolute latest trends in costumes, our advice is to go to the movies this year. New Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, XMen and Green Lantern films will be released in 2011, meaning lots of choices coming up in new costumes whether your character preference is Jack Sparrow or Voldemort. Shop Movie Costumes for some of the hottest movie and TV selections out there.

Play Favorites
Another way to go this year is a classic costume. Sci-fi and superhero characters fit this category, as do old- fashioned witches and monsters such as vampires and werewolves that are as fashionable as ever thanks to such TV fare as The Vampire Diaries and Being Human. From Spiderman to Darth Vader, Dracula to Wolfman, see Movie & TV as above, Witch Costumes and Horror Costumes.

Humor Us
If you like to walk into a room and hear laughter as others spot your costume, Create-a-Costume may be for you with its wacky wigs, glasses and other costume accessories. Put together an over-the-top 1970s “disco guy” with big wig and mustache, or a “biker” sporting a flame bandanna and tattoo sleeves. Or, pull on one of our hilarious sandwich board instant costumes (found in Men’s, Women’s or Teens’ pages).

Think Young
Look for older kids’ faves in durable, detailed Disney™ Costumes. Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean are still running strong as are girls’ Disney Channel characters from The Wizards of Waverly, Hannah Montana and Camp Rock.

In Infants & Toddlers, don’t miss the highly-rated Pinkalicious™ and UPS™ Guy costumes for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

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10 Ideas for Halloween Event Supplies

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 4, 2010

Plan An Amazing Haunted Halloween Event
Whether you’re in charge of this year’s community haunted house or you’re planning a spooky sock hop, we’ve compiled a list of ten unique ideas for Halloween event supplies:

Enjoy this year’s Halloween festivities and do tell us your favorite Halloween ideas!

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Decorations & Costumes for a Zombie Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 15, 2010

We can’t explain the enduring popularity of zombies, but we do know that creating a “Zombie Halloween” is dead simple if you shop for decorations and costumes at ShindigZ Party.

To start, select a great backdrop for the zombie terror-tory. A black-and-white photo mural such as the Cemetery Gates photo illustration or the Misty Woods photo background will lend a classic Night of the Living Dead feel. They come in several different sizes and materials to suit your setting, and can even be personalized with your wording. Another way to go is to backlight one of our extra-large free-standing silhouette pieces such as our Graveyard or Crypt. (The Crypt Silhouette, incidentally, is made of weather resistant Corex and can be used outdoors, too.)

Highlight the entrance to the party or other haunted scene using the Graveyard Gates cemetery arch or the Spooktacular Cemetery Kit. If you’d like to build a pathway to or through the entrance, we highly recommend using the Cobblestone Patterned Flat Paper, which comes in shades of gray or tan, for this purpose.

Scatter a few personalized Halloween tombstones and our Zombie Silhouettes through your setting. Then garnish your creation with tattered lengths of black crepe streamers – hung poorly! – and a couple of cobwebs.

Lastly, shop our Gothic Costumes catalog for a great undead look at any age, and you’ll be well on your way to Zombieland!

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