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Costume Party Ideas: Glee Meets Gaga

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 24, 2011

Much of the charm of the “Glee meets Gaga” episode of Glee, “Born This Way,” is that the characters didn’t try to emulate Lady Gaga exactly. Instead, the Glee crew went for “Gaga-esque” and put their own personalities and personal touches on their costumes.

For this reason, if you are considering a Lady Gaga Halloween costume party, why not a Glee Meets Gaga theme party? Pay homage to her accomplishments by retaining her spirit and setting free your own imagination as well.

Gaga Foundation Halloween Costume Pieces
Visit the Lady Gaga Costumes department of the Halloween Costumes store first. Here, you’ll find the black sequin two-tone dress and the blue “Poker Face” video outfit complete with matching gloves.

This is where you’ll also get the creative juices flowing as you discover a selection of sunglasses, hats, feather and sequined masks, and wigs including the signature Lady Gaga long blonde wig with bangs. Keep your eye on that wig! We’ve got a couple fun ways to use it.

Do-it-yourself Lady Gaga/Glee Costumes
Gaga/Brittany’s silver lobster headdress: Make a stop in Nautical Party Supplies for a 16” long lobster cutout that you can cover in glitter in no time. Attach the finished lobster to an elasticized headband. That’s it! Since not everybody’s cut out to wear a transparent plastic dress with the headdress, you might opt for the black sequin as described above, or a simple black sheath as a contrast to the showy crustacean.

(Incidentally, nautical also carries a captain’s hat that’s not hard to picture Lady Gaga wearing.)

Gaga/Tina’s bubble dress: Select either silver metallic or clear crystal latex balloons. Inflate them to varying sizes but no bigger than about softball size. Create balloon ropes, each at least your own height, by attaching the knot ends of all but the smallest balloons to clear thread with small spaces between them.

To assemble the bubble costume, climb into a bodysuit that matches your skin color as closely as possible. Drape one rope over your shoulders like a stole. Then have a friend bring the other around your torso, crossing and twisting one thread around the other at the spaces wherever possible, but keeping the thread well away from your neck! Finally, have your friend glue the smallest balloons between and on top of the larger balloons with clear- and quick-drying craft glue that is skin safe.

To get the hair that goes with the bubble dress, trim the blonde wig with bangs to a bob length.

Gaga/Mercedes hair bow: Get two of the blonde wigs with bangs, one for wearing and the other for extra hair to make the bow. Type “Lady Gaga’s hair bow tutorial” into your preferred search engine and watch a couple of them. Be sure to cut the second wig as close to the cap as possible for a nice long length of hair to work with. Wear with the Lady Gaga getup of your choice and the tallest shoes you dare.

More Halloween Costume Ideas
Why not create a Lady Gaga Meets Halloween look? Imagine fingerless gloves, a feather boa and a chic witch’s broom — all in hot pink! Browse your way through Halloween Costume Accessories and Create-A Costume prop options to pull together your own unique Halloween tribute to the pop star today.


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2011 Costume Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 15, 2011

Whether you like to go classic, cutting edge or humorous for Halloween and costume parties, there is no shortage of options in Halloween costumes for 2011.

Go To the Movies
For the absolute latest trends in costumes, our advice is to go to the movies this year. New Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, XMen and Green Lantern films will be released in 2011, meaning lots of choices coming up in new costumes whether your character preference is Jack Sparrow or Voldemort. Shop Movie Costumes for some of the hottest movie and TV selections out there.

Play Favorites
Another way to go this year is a classic costume. Sci-fi and superhero characters fit this category, as do old- fashioned witches and monsters such as vampires and werewolves that are as fashionable as ever thanks to such TV fare as The Vampire Diaries and Being Human. From Spiderman to Darth Vader, Dracula to Wolfman, see Movie & TV as above, Witch Costumes and Horror Costumes.

Humor Us
If you like to walk into a room and hear laughter as others spot your costume, Create-a-Costume may be for you with its wacky wigs, glasses and other costume accessories. Put together an over-the-top 1970s “disco guy” with big wig and mustache, or a “biker” sporting a flame bandanna and tattoo sleeves. Or, pull on one of our hilarious sandwich board instant costumes (found in Men’s, Women’s or Teens’ pages).

Think Young
Look for older kids’ faves in durable, detailed Disney™ Costumes. Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean are still running strong as are girls’ Disney Channel characters from The Wizards of Waverly, Hannah Montana and Camp Rock.

In Infants & Toddlers, don’t miss the highly-rated Pinkalicious™ and UPS™ Guy costumes for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

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Top Adult and Teen Halloween Costumes for 2009

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 23, 2009

Kandy-Corn-Witch-CostumeDressing up for Halloween isn’t just for kids. Teens and adults can enjoy costume parties, office Halloween parties, or even trick-or-treating with the young crowd with these fun Halloween costumes!

Halloween Costumes for Women:

We have a variety of costumes for women ranging from glamorous to funny to sexy. Whether you’re dressing up for a adult Halloween party or are taking the kids trick-or-treating, we have just the costume for you.

Our Kandy Corn Witch is a fun alternative to the classic witch costume, featuring an orange, black, and yellow minidress, hat, and stockings for a festive outfit. Pair it with one of our witch’s brooms to finish off the look!

For a costume that will really make you stand out from the crowd, try our Spin and Win Roulette Costume. The costume includes a dress with a corset back, a hat, and bloomers. The skirt of the dress has a cool roulette wheel look to it that will make you look sensational this Halloween!

If you’re into movies, try our Treasure Hunter Costume. This sexy costume looks like Indiana Jones and features a stretch bengaline dress, faux leather boned waist corset, hat, bag and whip.

Junk-in-the-Trunk-CostumeHalloween Costumes for Men:

We also have several different styles of men’s costumes! For the guy with a silly sense of humor, try our Junk in the Trunk Costume which includes a black and white print dress and a trunk belt which you can fill with junk food. It’s bound to be the most outrageous costume at any party!

For an adult party, try our Hugh’s Robe Costume which includes a red velvet jacket with front pockets, a red belted tie at the waist, black satin collar and cuffs, a black satin embroidered Playboy logo on the back, and a pipe accessory.

Our body bag costume is great for an eerie look. It includes a cotton body bag which you can zip up to your chin. Paint your face a whitish gray for a really spooky effect!

Check out all of our Halloween Costumes and Halloween Party Supplies for more ideas on how to have a fun Halloween this year!

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Fun Kids’ Halloween Costumes for 2009

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 28, 2009

Hannah-Montana-Pink-Polka-Dot-CostumeWhat do your kids want to dress as for Halloween this year? We have a great selection of Halloween costumes for babies, kids, teens, and adults. With our selection of children’s Halloween costumes for 2009, your kids are sure to have the best costumes on the block!

For girls, Hannah Montana and High School Musical Costumes are ever-popular. This year there are new styles of Hannah Montana and High School Musical Costumes to keep up with trends. The Hannah Montana Pink Polka Dot Dress Costume (pictured right) has a fun black, white, and pink outfit that looks great with our Hannah Montana Wigs and glitter microphones.

Girls who love High School Musical will love the Gabriella Prom Costume. The white and pink floral dress includes an adorable matching headband. We also carry a Sharpay Prom Costume with a shiny pink dress, petticoat, and matching hair accessory.

Camp Rock fans will look cool in our Mitchie Torres Costume, which includes a top, leggings, and fringed boot covers. It looks awesome with our Mitchie Torres wig and glitter microphone.

Our Skeleton Bride Costume is a great choice for girls who want something spooky for Halloween. The Skeleton Bride Costume includes a dress with a hood and a chain belt. It looks great with white tights and a Zombie Bride Bouquet.

Star-Trek-Spock-CostumeFor boys, our Star Trek Spock Costume, inspired by the 2009 summer movie, is a great choice! Each Spock Costume includes a shirt, dickie, and pants. Another awesome, movie-inspired costume is the Iron Man Costume, with matching Iron Man Gloves!

Little guys will look cute in our Wee Werewolf Costume, including a jumpsuit with faux fur accents and a headpiece. Our Toddlers’ UPS Man Costume is another sweet choice.

For boys who want something scarier, our Transylvania Vampire Costume is a frighteningly cool choice. The costume includes a jumpsuit with wings and a half mask. Our Zombie Pizza Boy Costume and Zombie Mailman Costumes are a terrifying choice.

Check out all of our Halloween costumes for a ton of costume options for your kids to choose from for this year’s trick-or-treating!

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