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Pick Your Poison Tableware Makes Halloween Tables Spooky & Chic

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 7, 2009

Pick-Your-Poison-Halloween-TablewareIf you’re having a grown-up Halloween party, great Halloween tableware is a simple way to create an awesome Halloween atmosphere for your party. Our Pick Your Poison Tableware is a fantastic choice for your Halloween party.

The Pick Your Poison Tableware (shown at right) features a trendy damask print with skulls worked in for a twist, an orange border and cute, coordinating napkins that read “Bring Your Own Boos” and “Pick Your Poison.” Square dessert plates read “Halloween Spirits.”

Create a base for your fun tableware by covering the tables with orange or black plastic table covers or a spider web table roll. In the center of your table, place a Glitter Skull Centerpiece.

Hang our Skull Icon Personalized Banner at the entrance to your party or above the buffet table for a great personal touch to your party. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and make great keepsakes when you have your guests sign them. Plus, they’re reusable and come in several different sizes so you can find one that fits your space.

Place our Lighted Skull Standee next to your buffet table or doorway for a  coordinating spooky focal point. Guests can also pose for pictures with the standee, which measures 3′ wide x 5′ high. The 3D lighted skull is lit internally.

Add a Halloween theme to the beverages you serve too. Serve them out of personalized stadium cups or custom glassware. Add our Halloween Wine Bottle Labels or Halloween Soda Bottle Labels. They’re frightfully fun and read “Wicked Spirits,” “Devils Blood,” and “Vampire Blood” on the wine labels and “Spooky Sauce,” “Witch Brew,” and “Vampire Blood,” on the soda labels. Your guests will love them!

Finally, for a simple but fun favor, place a Squish Squoosh Skull at each place setting at your table. You can even use the Halloween toy to prop up place cards.

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Host a Bat Themed Party for Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 29, 2008

With the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, setting box-office records, a bat theme Halloween party will be a hit this year!

Get your party started by sending out invitations. Use a white paint pen to write party details on a die-cut bat. Another fun invitation option is to send out tags with the party details attached to sequin bat masks. Encourage guests to wear the masks to the party. Be sure to send invitations out about 3-5 weeks in advance and expect about 25% of RSVPs to be regrets.

Incorporate bat decorations into your party for a spooky, cool look. Hang a Demon Bat at the entrance to creep guests out right off the bat.

A Bat Personalized Vinyl Banner is a great way to introduce your party and welcome guests. You can add your own custom wording to the banner printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. Plus, the banners are available in seven different sizes to fit your decorating needs.

Add an eerie light to your entrance with a string or two of flashing bat lights. The lights look great in trees or bushes. Line your walkway with flying bat plastic lawn stakes. The wings feature spring action.

Create an awesome focal point with a Bat Cave Theme Kit. The kit is awesome for taking commemorative photos with and for creating an cool entrance. Kids will love playing with the bat cave too! The cave is made of corrugated cardboard and stands 6′ 3″ h x 7′ 10″ w.

Use black gossamer or spider web gossamer to create a backdrop for all your decorations. Using the gossamer to create swags, curtains or drapes is a great way to extend the illusion of a bat cave. Use gray or black flat paper to cover walls and floors too. Add some twinkle lights or paper lanterns to keep the room from getting too dark. Halloween cutouts are an awesome finishing touch.

Add some extra touches with bat cutouts and bat static clings.

Table Decorations:

Cover your tables with black plastic table covers and accent them with silver star confetti. Set your party table with silver and black plastic tableware or coordinating tableware in your favorite colors.

Create balloon bunches for your centerpieces. Anchor them in place with a spider balloon weight.

Add some party favors to your table. Accent the table with Batman party favors such as foam Batman boomerangs, bat head boppers, or a Batman Bat-a-rang.

The Bat Favor Fun Pack is a great favor to send home with young guests. The favor pack is packaged in a felt bag with a bat on it and includes Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs, Monster Paddle Ball, Clip-on Crawlie Ring, Magic Pumpkin Springs, Individual Glow Bracelet Green.

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New Halloween Decorations for Halloween 2008

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 18, 2008

Have the trendiest Halloween decorations on the block with these new Halloween decorations for 2008!

The Webcaster Gun is fantastic for casting a spooky web over all your Halloween décor. The gun is easy to use and creates professional results. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors.

Welcome guests to your home or party with custom yard signs. New designs for this Halloween include a Mummy yard sign, Cemetery Lawn Signs, and a Haunted Halloween Yard Sign. We’ll print your own personalized wording on the durable corex yard signs. They stick in your yard with metal H-stakes. A 50” Directional Post is a fun decoration for sprucing up your yard or block. The sign is labeled with locations including Haunted House, Halloween Party and Spooky Graveyard.

A Silver Skull Fence is 36” tall and comes in two pieces perfect for decorating your walkway or creating a spooky gravesite. Add some (plastic) Severed Fingers along the side of the path or put them all together for a hand emerging from the ground. Spooky!

There are also plenty of decorations for accenting your walls and windows this Halloween. The Bloody For Sale Sign Assortment includes three cardboard signs that bring back the gore of a slasher film.  Use an Enter at Your Own Risk Tattered Cloth to create an eerie door decoration or accent a spooky banister. The 13” x 72” tattered banner features the scary message in blood red writing.  Pair it with a Shredded Fabric Curtain for a matching effect.  The Bloody Weapon Garland is 7 ½’ of frightful weapons. Hang it around the edges of your room for a gruesome decoration. For the outside of your house, Boarded Halloween Window Covers are a fantastic option. The window cover is made of PVC, gauze and rope and warns guests as they arrive at your haunted house.

A Pumpkin Wall Graphic is a nice decoration for a lighter mood. The reusable graphic will brighten up your walls plus it’s easy to position and hang.

We also have kits for decorating the outside of your house. For a traditional Halloween look, try the Halloween Outdoor Decorating Kit. It includes a 20’ l Fringed Banner, 30’ Bunting, a 5’ 5” Door Decoration, two 5’ 5” Window Decorations, and eight 12” Ghosts.

For a doorway that will really frighten trick-or-treaters, try the Spooky Halloween Door Cover & 3D Wall Torch. The torches look real and the plastic door cover further sets the scene.

Another option is the Stone Castle Door Surround which adds a giant gargoyle over the top of your door. The door surround can be adjusted to fit many sized doors.

Add some fright to the night with a Halloween Street Light and a Scary Tree. The plastic lamp is 6’ tall and features a candle bulb. The scary tree is made out of cardboard and spooky gossamer material. It stands 10’ high for an impressive decoration.
Scene setters and room rolls are a great way to create an awesome setting for your entire party.  The Chop Shop Decorating Kit creates the frightening scene of a murderous butcher shop. Accent the scene with the Chop Shop Vac Form Sign at the entrance.

Another option is the Instant Dungeon Scene Setter. The scene setter and its variety of accents is perfect for transforming your Halloween party space for scary appeal. Accent the theme with a Rusty Ball & Chain Spike Collar  and a Stock & Chain, which guests can take turns using to really get in the Halloween party mood.

Finally, add some big scares to your décor  with scary ghosts and goblins. The Hanging Hell Spawn Demon is a really frightful accent to your entrance. Hang a Large Latex Demon Bat in a dark corner to startle guests. Big Mouth Skulls have LED eyes that light up with a motion sensor and make chilling focal points for your décor.

Check out all our Halloween decorations and tell us your ideas!

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How to Use Personalized Tombstones for Halloween Decorations

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 11, 2008

It’s not hard to add a personalized touch to your Halloween decorations for your home yard or office. There are plenty of products from personalized banners to custom standees to create a personal and spooky Halloween look to your décor.

Personalized Tombstones are a fantastic Halloween decoration that you can have printed with your custom wording. You can use the personalized traditional tombstones in your Halloween décor year after year. ShindigZ has three styles of personalized tombstones, standard tombstones, skull tombstones, or traditional tombstones.  The 46″ high x 25″ wide tombstones are available in cardboard for indoor use or weather-resistant corex.

Here are some ideas for how to use personalized tombstones:

Create a tombstone for each member of your family and create a family grave yard on the lawn. You’ll create an eerie decoration to welcome trick-or-treaters.

Use the personalized tombstone with scary decorations such as a Grave Evader (a ghoul, coming out of the ground) or the Gruesome Ground Breakers (hands sticking out of the ground) to make visitors scream! Welcome guests to your property with a Haunted Funeral Home Lawn Sign.

If you’re going for a funny look rather than a scary one, use the tombstones, personalizing them with classic comedic epitaphs.  For example:

Stranger ! Approach this spot with gravity !
John Brown is filling his last cavity.  (For a Dentist’s house)

Here Lies the Body of
Jonathan Blake
Stepped on the Gas Instead of the Brake

Here lies John Yeast,
Pardon me for not rising.

The tombstones will bring a smile to guest’s faces and can be used in your Halloween decorations annually.

Add a really scary accent to your tombstone theme with a Rising from the Grave Monster. This 3′ high monster is animated and rises from the grave and is accompanied with scary phrases and background music.

Tell us about what you put on your personalized tombstone!

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