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Ghost Decorations for a Spooky Halloween Bash

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 26, 2007

Happy-Ghost-Mylar-BalloonGhosts are a must-have for Halloween festivities. ShindigZ has tons of ghost decorating tips, costumes and party accessories perfect for haunting your Halloween party.

Create a big first impression for guests to your home this Halloween with a ghost lawn globe or a Ghost Ranch Decorating Kit. Visitors will be in awe of your awesome decorations and you’ll have the coolest yard in the neighborhood. To really set the scene for spooky, check out our tips for a Haunted Porch. The Ghoulish Graveyard Kit or Spooktacular Cemetery Kit also make awesome choices.

String a set of ghost lights across your porch, doorway, or around your railings to create a spooky glow. The ghost lanterns are another great option.

Transform an entire room of your home in a snap with our Halloween Insta-Theme Kit. It’s perfect for instantly boosting your spooky party décor. Adding ghosts to the wall is sure to add that extra Halloween flair.

If you like pirates, add a little sea-faring touch to your walkway by lining it with a ghost pirate fence. It’s the perfect decoration for pirate fans and Halloween.

Add the finishing touches with our hanging ghost decorations. String a ghost garland around the room. Add a giant ghoulish ghost to a corner to spook guests. Don’t forget Adrian the Ghost. He’s an awesome addition to your party décor!

Don’t forget to decorate yourself with a ghost costume!

One Response to “Ghost Decorations for a Spooky Halloween Bash”

  1. I like the idea of decorating a ghost for a spooky Halloween bash because every house will be full of decoration with different type of ghost decoration. Most of the people make a spooky decoration for ghost because the first impression for guest on Halloween will be a ghost lawn globe. Yeah that’s right we should not forget ourselves to wear in a ghost costume so that it might get even more scared. Thanks for the interesting blog and merry Christmas.

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