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Make a Big Impression with Halloween Decorating Kits

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 4, 2007

Spooktacular CemeteryMake a big impression on your Halloween party guests with our Halloween decorating kits.

Start your decorating off with a big opening to your party using our balloon arches or entrance arches. A Candy Corn Mural Arch can be personalized just for your party. Try a Spooky Garden Gate set up at the entrance of your party. It also makes a great setting for Halloween photos. Decorate just your door with a Witch Hat and Brooms door decoration or Spider Web Entrance.

We also have a wide selection of standees and cardboard cutouts that create awesome effects in your yard, party space or home. A scary zombie silhouettes are awesome for adding an extra-creepy touch to your yard. Pair them with the Creepy Crypt Standee or the haunted house decorations.

Create your own haunted forest with scary trees or spooky 3D tree standee. Add the Haunted Forest Decorations to add the extra oomph to your décor.

Transform your party room into a tomb with a crypt standee, personalized with your own wording. Add graveyard gates or a gargoyle entrance and a personalized hearse standee for the complete look.

For a more kid-friendly set up, try Haunted House Props or a Halloween Kids’ Castle with bright colors and fun faces on the towers. It’s perfect for playing at parties and taking great party photos.

Check out all of our Halloween decorating tips to totally transform your home for Halloween!

2 Responses to “Make a Big Impression with Halloween Decorating Kits”

  1. SharonMC said

    I love decorating for Halloween! My favorite is to look at what others have done – it’s always so unique. I usually check out all the contest pages to see what the “winning houses” look like – one of my favorites is the one that compnay that makes the inflatables does: http://www.gemmy.com/contest

  2. Jane W said

    I just love halloweens. Previous halloween i nearly redecorated my home from Ballard Designs. I bought lots of halloween decoration items and my home was looks wonderfull.

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