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Our Favorite Halloween Party Favors

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 22, 2012

Our idea of proper Halloween party favors involves sweets and a bite – or rather, bit – of the unexpected. Here’s how to deliver treats and favors to your Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters.

Edible Party Favors
Let’s start with lollipops. We love chocolate in a lollipop, but if your preference or climate doesn’t agree, check out the yummy fruit swirl options. Personalize lollipops in a Halloween design and custom message (see examples at right).

Display lollipop favors as centerpieces for parties by anchoring them in floral foam and gems placed inside orange pails. Create a pleasing array by staggering the lollipops by height a little. Finish with Halloween sticker decals or simply tie a black or purple ribbon around the outside of each pail; place one or three pails on each table depending on the lengths of your tables. Encourage plucking at will.

If you prefer a favor at each guest’s place setting, lay out lollipops just as you would table utensils. Another option is to select another type of treat and put it into individual containers such as customized Halloween candy jars or cookie tins, for which plenty of Halloween designs are available as well.

Wearable Halloween Party Favors
We like theme-matching for wearables as far as possible because it’s easy and fun for all ages. For a vampire party, provide fangs; for a pirate party, put out the skeleton goblets. Some folks’ idea of a scary party is a 1980s party, in which case you’d want to shop the wigs and half-gloves and such.

More generally, masks are natural Halloween accompaniments. We like the Monster Mania set for the really young kiddos.

Glow party favors, likewise, are naturals for Halloween because of their eeriness, and they have a fairly wide appeal. Select glow sticks, fangs and swords for young trick-or-treaters and glow “jewelry” like rings and bracelets for older partyoers. Glowing stadium cups are a terrific Halloween favor choice when you have a large enough crowd that you are looking to buy in bulk.

Grownup Halloween Favors
By this we mean cocktails. We like shopping Boo-tique for a distinctive candelabra for the bar, then stocking it with Halloween-witty beverage napkins and covering bottles with personalized bottle labels. You will also want to know that we’ve added a line of ceramic coasters to our personalized Halloween coasters in trendy designs that your friends will love to take home and reuse.

Wrap It Up
Mummy had mad skills in this, and we like to carry on the tradition. Use our bloody gauze panels to create bags for party candy, wax lips, skull rings and little plastic spiders. Cut strips for self-ties to hold the bags closed or use black ribbon or pieces of bloody bandages decoration.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, stalk our line of Halloween favor boxes. We’re particularly enjoying the new gable boxes, which conveniently now come in black and orange. Put Halloween sticker decals on them as described above with the pails.


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Think Ahead for Halloween 2008

Posted by Wendy Moyle on January 11, 2008

Halloween-Trophy-AwardIt’s spooky how fast Halloween will be here again and planning your Halloween decorations is so fun you can never start too early. Make the most of Halloween 2008 by stocking up on the best of Halloween 2007.

Spooky scenes are always a hit on Halloween, you can create a creepy cemetery indoors or out with Personalized Traditional Tombstones, a Fabric Coffin, Bride and Groom Skeletons and a Hearse Standee. The tombstones and Hearse Standee can be customized with your own wording or name. Add an scare to the setting by including a Creep Show CD full of eerie sounds and music.

No matter what decorating scheme you’re planning for a Fog Machine and Fog Fluid make excellent special effects. Plus, fake Cobwebs are easy to decorate with, inexpensive and have a huge impact.

Welcome guests to your Halloween party or wish the neighborhood a “Happy Halloween” with a personalized vinyl banner printed with your own wording. Each banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl with sturdy metal grommets for hanging them indoors or out.

Activities are often the best part of a kid’s Halloween party. Kids will love the challenge of a Monster Lab Beanbag Toss or taking pictures with a Mummy Photo-Op Standee. For smaller kids or for fun after the party’s over, hand out Halloween Activity Sets which include an activity book, crayons and a stamper.

For party apparel and treats, Halloween funtoos, Halloween Head Boppers in bat, black cat, witch or jack-o-lantern styles, Pumpkin Baking Cups and a Cupcake Tree are favorites. Present guest with the party apparel items at the door then guide them to the treat table. There’s tons more party apparel and decorations for Halloween, check out our other tips!

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How To Boo Your Neighbor

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 16, 2007

Just because the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, doesn’t mean you have to remain inside couped up away from friends and neighbors.  Get outside and enjoy the moonlight with this fun and friendly Halloween activity that stays clear of the tricks and makes the treats oh so sweet!

As Halloween approaches, maybe the week or so before the 31st, make up 3 or 4 goodie Bags with fun Halloween favors inside.   Use a fun mix of candy, toys, and wearables so that the whole family will have something to enjoy.  Here are some ideas to help fill your bags full:

  • Multicolored Pumpkin Light
  • Alien Test Tube Slime
  • Boo Straws
  • Spider Yo-Yo Ball
  • Glow Items
  • Head Boppers
  • Flashing Halloween Rings

Make a small sign to put on your neighbor’s door that says, “We’ve Been Boo’d”.  Maybe have your kids draw a picture of a ghost on the sign for added fun and color.

Next, print off the following poem and stick a copy in each goodie bag to explain the surprise and to make sure the fun gets spreads to all!

Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
For Halloween spirits, for ghosts and cats,
For weird happenings and witches’ brew,
These are the things that I wish for you…May the only spirit you chance to meet
Be the spirit of love and friends warm and sweet.
May the only goblin that comes your way
Be this Neighborhood Phantom you must give away.”Tis much better to give than to receive” goes the old verse
And something this easy won’t empty your purse.
It’s your turn to pass along a treat and a BOO
Because now the Neighorhood Phantom is little old YOU!So by this time tomorrow, pick three friends sweet,
And give to them each a Halloween treat.
You have only one day – so you’ll need to hurry –
Leave a treat on the doorstep, ring the bell and then scurry!

Signed,      The Phantom

So fill up your goodie bag, fill a few Balloons with Helium, and tie them to the handles for a boo-rific surprise!  After dark, maybe right before bedtime, dress your kids in all black and sneak out for some crazy, quiet, sneaky fun!  Here’s how it works:  Creep up to your friend’s door and attach the ghost sign to the front door, leave the goodie bag with the poem at the step, ring the doorbell and RUN LIKE CRAZY!  Do this to 3 or 4 neighbors in one evening.  The idea is for everyone in the neighborhood to get “boo’d” and besides, it’s always a festive mystery to find out who did the “booing” and where it started.

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Give the Treats with Halloween Party Favors

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 13, 2007

Candy Corn Felt Favor BagOn top of plenty of candy, stock up on party favors to give your guests a special gift to thank them for dropping by your party.

Forget the tricks, only treats here when you pass out candy corn cups full of sweets!

Glowing trick or treat badges are great for Halloween safety when you attach them to costumes or treat bags.

Bring a touch of paradise to your party with a few Halloween leis around your guests’ and goblins’ necks.

Serve drinks in our Gothic Skull Goblets for a take-home treat that is sure to add fun even if your guests are drinking water!

Fill up a little felt bag for each guest with some of the following cute or creepy favors!

• Pumpkin Lights
• Trick or Treat Glow Badges
• Fiber Optic Wand
• Squishy Skull Pen
• Pumpkin Nail Polish

Don’t forget about our personalized favor options if you want something a bit more meaningful and personal. Here are some of our favorites for a Halloween Bash!

• Personalized Mugs
• Votive Candles
• Frames

Be sure to check out our Halloween party activities for ideas on how to give out your favors and prizes.

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