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Host a Halloween Ball – Ghoulish Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 20, 2011

Calling all ghouls, ghosts, and goblins to a grossly gruesome gathering! Royalty are not the only ones who want to go to the Ball, host a Halloween Ball. Create a creepy atmosphere with a variety of different types of Halloween party supplies to transform your home or party space into a ghastly Halloween bash.

Outdoor Halloween Décor
Start the Halloween haunting in the front yard with an assortment of outdoor Halloween decorations! Beckon the spooks with an eerie graveyard kit. Be sure to strategically place a personalized tombstone yard sign in the graveyard to declare that the guests have arrived dead on at the ghoulish get-together. Cover up front windows with plastic window scenes, window posters (Sinister Sid and Grim Reaper), and freak out your creepy guests with a motion detection haunted house 666 sign that spins the third number from a 9 to a 6, while it plays thunder and lightning sounds. Post a tattered “Enter at your own Risk” banner over the front door for an additional outdoor accent.

Indoor Halloween Décor
Put a spooky touch on every room that the Halloween Ball guests are going to haunt with fantastic Halloween party décor. In the “ball room”, deck out the ceiling with orange and black twirly whirlys, and give additional light to the room by adding a few Halloween LED lanterns. In the middle of the space, hang a spider web canopy to create a creepy chandelier look. This freaky decoration has gnarly posable legs and eyes that light up. To convert walls to match your Halloween décor, cover them with black gossamer fabric.The gothic mansion scene setter portraits are perfect for a main hallway or a large open wall. In the lavatory, give your guests a fright with the zombie hand peel’n place toilet topper. This vinyl low stick adhesive decoration looks like a zombie hand is reaching out of the toilet bowl filled with blood. You can even decorate the refrigerator with a disgusting Halloween refrigerator door cover. The cover features a freezer panel with a frozen head and assorted parts. The refrigerator panel pictures a mixture of unsavory decaying food, worms, and various specimens.

Halloween Tableware
Cover all of the tables with black gossamer and an overlay of spider web patterned gossamer. Place a haunted house glitter centerpiece in the middle of the tables, surrounded by dreary glitter leaf table sprinkles. The scary silhouettes dinner plates, napkins, and cups are a great Halloween tableware choice for your party. At the serving table, attach a bloody gauze panel to the top of the black gossamer, and then position a black tabletop Halloween tree as the centerpiece.

For a real thrill, put the meat market value pack of bloody body parts on a platter with a cover. Have guests touch the items without seeing them, and then try to guess what they are touching. Be sure to play fun music and include songs like the Monster Mash. Let your ghoulish creativity rise and be brought forth from your inner being!


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Create Creepy Halloween Party Tables

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 16, 2007

Gore-May CrackersYour Halloween party tables can feature all the fun or thrills you’d like with these eerie tabletop decorations, tableware options and creepy candles. If you’re serving food at your Halloween party—no matter how big or how small—these decorations are perfect for your buffet or dining tables.

Start off your decorating with Halloween tablecovers such as a trick or treat plastic tablecover or the spiderweb table runner for an elegant but eerie look. You can also use Halloween patterned gossamer to cover tables, create table skirts, swags, curtains and other accents to your dining décor.

Next, set the scene around your table. You can then incorporate elements from the rest of the room into your table settings. Use a personalized Halloween banner to set the mood for your party. Send your guests a warm welcome or a spooky warning, depending on your party style. Balloons are another great way to decorate the dining space at your party. Mini mylar spider balloons are great for setting up on counter tops or handing out to kids. Use a spider balloon weight with sound to hold clusters of Halloween balloons in place around your room. It will make creepy sounds as your guests walk by.

Now, have some fun coming up with the right combination of scary and silly for your party. If you have trays of food scattered around the party space, Gore-May Crackers will be a hit with guests, especially as they find them unexpectedly among your snacks! Use a cupcake tree or sweet station centerpiece to store baked goodies in an aesthetic and convenient way. Witch cauldron coolers make great decorating accents, serving double duty as storage space!

Flesh and Bones CandleFlesh and bones candles are great for creepy centerpieces. Light the fingers and watch the flesh melt away to bones as the candle burns. It’s a unique touch guests will get a scream out of. Other cool lighted accents include mini lighted pumpkins or flaming décor, great for a rustic, dungeon look. For a fresher, fun look, try a Gleam n’ Burst centerpiece full of Halloween flair. Fill a lobotomy candy bowl or wandering eyes candy dish full of Halloween treats for a cool and functional tabletop accent.

Witch hat votives are perfect favors for setting next to place cards or in other detailed positions. Similarly, you could set a Halloween activity set next to kids’ place settings or snacks, to keep kids busy during the meal or party. Plus, they can take them home for later.

Add the finishing touches with tableware—essential for serving your party food. Include plenty of Halloween tableware ensembles with plates, napkins, cups and more to meet your needs and party style. The Monster Mash Ensemble features a bright, fun look. The Spider Frenzy Ensemble has an eerier look. Groovy Ghouls plates and confetti feature prints kids will love. Use Halloween goblets or skeleton arm flutes to serve beverages to adults and let them take the drinkware home as a freaky favor.

With these Halloween basics and decorations, your party tables will be a hit. Plus you won’t have to do the dishes!

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