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Awful Graduation Gifts for Teachers & Classmates

Posted by Wendy Moyle on April 20, 2011

The final few months of the last year of high school can result in heavy-duty nostalgia, senioritis, or some combination of the two maladies reminiscent of the alternating chills and fever of a bout of flu!

Graduation and exciting next steps in life will eventually provide the cure. In the meantime, try some soothing relief with a dose of humor by giving outrageous gag graduation gifts to fave teachers and classmates from the Halloween party supplies store.

For starters, take a gander at the gory brain mold. This is obviously a great gag grad gift for a phenomenal biology or psychology teacher, but also for any teachers with whom you can joke about having given difficult or lengthy assignments that you can say “turned my brain into mush.”

Use the gory brain mold, a little something from our bag o’ bones (“worked my fingers to the bone”) and one of our link chains (“chained to my desk with homework so I couldn’t go hang out”) as presentation items at parties and receptions honoring teachers, for a humorous touch. Start out your remarks with the humor, then work your way into more earnest expressions of sentiment and gratitude.

The gory brains are also unnaturally good mementos of any zombie events you’ve shared with classmates: zombie themes for spirit days, zombie walks, zombies vs. humans contests and so on. We highly recommend the Martha Stewart™ severed finger invitations, which somehow combine the creepy with the classy, for a zombie-themed graduation party. Also, the Spine-Thrilling Movie Themes CD provides both ambience and fiendishly clever party favors for this theme.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with these “awful” products. Think over the past year, and take your memories to Halloween party supplies for some needed comic relief in graduation gifts!


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