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Plan a Halloween Themed Fundraiser

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 3, 2011

Do you have an October fundraising event? Work a Halloween theme and Halloween party decorations into your fall fundraiser this year. Bring something fresh to annual fairs and festivals with newer products such as personalized bottle labels, or try one of the more unusual fundraising ideas below.

Say Boo with Your Booth
For an indoor Halloween themed carnival fundraiser, check out the Radiant Halloween balloon arch from Halloween props. The arch helps you create a happy, festive entrance that is rated “E” for “Everyone.” As always with our Radiant arches, you have balloon color choices. If the fundraiser really must be geared more generally to fall, select candy corn or autumn leaf colors instead of orange and black.

For festival and tailgate fundraising, set up a fuss-free outdoor canopy. Be sure to weight the corners adequately to stand up to errant autumn breezes.

Hang a custom Halloween banner across the top of the canopy and sell bottles of blood-red soda with personalized Halloween bottle labels and matching Halloween candy bars.

Plot a Scavenger Scheme
A road rally is a scavenger hunt on wheels, and it is becoming a popular fundraising event. It’s a cute idea as a fundraiser for a transportation-related cause, such as a school bus trip or Meals on Wheels, and highly amenable to a Halloween theme party. Donations are collected as registration fees.

Just for fun, pick a theme with a mascot or conveyance that gets around: witches and brooms, vampires and bats, headless horsemen and jack-o-lanterns. Plant thematic Halloween party favors and props – especially wearables — on the scavenger list; and keep up the theme on snack tables for the gathering afterward.

Plan a Murder
This type of Halloween fundraiser can come formal or informal, costumed or not, but one thing is clear: Halloween adds an extra shiver to a murder mystery party.

Select a murder mystery kit from the many available online, and then come to Shindigz.com for the setting decorations. Whether your murder is committed in a 1920s Chicago speakeasy or at a fancy masked ball, you’ll find beautiful themed decorations and plenty of assistance.

Complete the look by outfitting the players in accessories and Create-A Costume pieces from Halloween Costumes.

Thrill the World
If you can plan a Halloween fundraiser for Halloween weekend 2011, consider a tie-in to Thrill the World, a global celebration of zombie unity and of Michael Jackson’s video, “Thriller,” expressed through dance. Visit Thrilltheworld.com for more information on the dance and to officially register your event.

Participating organizations are encouraged to use their events to support charities. Raise funds via “Thriller” dance workshops, costume contest entree fees, or a donations-at-the-door monster bash decorated with Halloween party supplies such as our smashing cemetery and zombie silhouettes and new Beware Zombie tableware.

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Props & Sets for Phantom of the Opera

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 1, 2011

There have been a number of stage and screen incarnations of Phantom of the Opera since the initial publication of the novel. One of our favorites (besides the 1925 Lon Chaney horror film, natch) is the visual feast served up in the 2004 movie based on the Broadway musical. For events with this fresh yet classic theme, Shindigz party decorations can help you replicate the luxe feel and romance of Phantom for a stage play, Mardi Gras masquerade or Phantabulous fundraiser.

For nearly all Phantom intents and purposes, we recommend pieces from the Music of the Night theme kit, shown at right. This kit features a tall gated entry arch and columns that evoke Gilded Age edifices along with a freestanding pipe organ prop of show-stopping size and design.

Suggest a hint of the cold subterranean chambers below, if you like, by covering walls or stage background with a flagstone-patterned flat paper or a stone wall dungeon backdrop from Halloween decorations (in fact, for a truly macabre take on this theme, you might use wall torches and other add-ons for a version of the torture chamber described in the novel).

Add drapes of reddest gossamer, leaving peeks here and there of the “stone” if you are using it, and cover tables with the same fabric. Then, go for the gold with glittering 3-tiered chandeliers, tableware, chair sashes and as many of our Music of the Night gold pillar candle props as you dare.

Trim the Night candles to various heights for centerpiece trios and for groupings on serving tables, pedestals and floor. Don’t be shy about mixing the props with candelabra, single tapers and other pillars to coax out maximum drama (for flame-free zones, select models from our LED candles collection!).

Invitations, banners and other customized printing for your Phantom event are quick and easy when you shop the Mardi Gras party supplies store. Of course you can match the distinctive mask of the Music of the Night promotional banners with Custom Creation invitations and tickets, but we also like the colorful Masks & Swirls design for this theme or production so do take a peek at that one, too!

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Halloween Yard Decorations for Cute or Gruesome Fun

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 26, 2010

Take the guesswork out of selecting Halloween decorations that will stand up to the elements by shopping ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Yard Decorations catalog. The items in this catalog are made of tough corex and other durable materials that can handle some wind and won’t melt in a bit of rain (or for some of our neighbors: snow!).

Once the question of outdoor-appropriateness is out of the way, your porch or yard decorating decisions can revolve around other questions to guide whether you’ll tilt more toward the cute or the gruesome. This of course is a matter of personal taste and the visitors you’re expecting.

For decorating porch, windows and door to welcome very young trick-or-treaters, you can’t go wrong with the Halloween Outdoor Decorating Kit. This kit contains all kid-friendly components including colorful banner and bunting, door and window decorations, and a set of not-so-scary hanging ghosts. Place the Airblown Cemetery kit prominently in the yard and string some of the blinking, googly-eyed Peeper Lights into the landscaping to finish the look.

Looking to achieve a more ominous feel? The Crypt Silhouette and Graveyard Fence will help take you there, along with mechanically-animated characters such as our flying grim reaper or icky-beyond-compare Shaking Mummy Cocoon Man.

Appealing to all is humor, such as you’ll find with the Rotten Realty or Dead End yard sign — or get punny yourself with a set of Personalized Traditional Tombstones set behind a Silver Skull Fence or Skeleton Arm Yard Stakes.

Garnish with cobwebs as desired, fill a cauldron or two with candy, and get ready to enjoy the big night!

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Decorate Walls for Maximum Halloween Impact

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 12, 2010

As you decorate for a Halloween party or other haunting reason, you’ll be tending first to the large surfaces of your party area such as walls and ceilings. In particular, there’s a good chance you can maximize the theme impact – while conserving floor space for guests – by selecting large, theme-matched decorating pieces and materials that lie flat upon the walls.

One way to start is to cover a wall or two with a material that suggests a setting. For example, a brick wall-patterned flat paper decorating material can be embellished to create a dungeon, while a rock wall pattern can support a haunted castle theme.

Another option is for this purpose is a photo mural or illustration used as a backdrop. Ours come in paper, cardboard and vinyl and are available in various sizes. You can personalize them, too.

Scene and room setter ensembles, such as our Halloween Insta-Theme kit that portrays a haunted graveyard, allow you to select the components and add-ons you want to include.

Use our large wall graphics singly or in groups to complete your Halloween decorating.

One of the best parts about Halloween walls from ShindigZ Party is that, with a little care, you can re-use just about everything. It’s a great value.

We hope you’ll check out our walls and other Halloween party décor soon!

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