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Halloween Ghost Story

Adrian the Ghost

Here’s the story of Adrian the Halloween Ghost!

Adrian was born a long, long time ago, right here in America, only before it was the U.S.A.. He was a shy boy, but he loved to have a good time. Unfortunately, the only person who ever wanted to play with Adrian, or who ever invited him to parties was his friend Amelia.

When he went to neighborhood get-togethers, dances, or dinner parties with his parents, Adrian was so timid he wouldn’t even say “Boo.” His parents worried about him, wondering why their son was so quiet and why he didn’t make any friends like the other children did.

Adrian’s parents, however, had nothing to fear, for Adrian really loved parties—the people, decorations, lights, and music. There was nothing about a party he didn’t enjoy. It was just that when he got to a party his voice seemed to die. He’d smile and listen and have a good time, but because he didn’t say anything, everyone seemed to look right through him.

Then one All Hallow’s Eve, when Adrian was no longer a young boy, he went to a Halloween party with his parents. Adrian’s mother and father decided to leave early, before the mischief of the night began. Adrian was listening to the conversations and enjoying the music, so he decided to stay longer.

When Adrian finally decided to go home, very late that night, he got lost in a thick fog. He knew that he was somewhere in the forest around the edges of his village, but the forest was vast and Adrian knew he would never find his way out in a night this dark and heavy with fog. He lay down beneath a tree and went to sleep, very frightened, but determined to find his way home in the morning.

When Adrian woke up, he felt like he had been asleep for an eternity. The sun was shinning high in the sky and all around him was light. When Adrian found his way out of the forest, he emerged into the village cemetery. There stood his parents and Amelia, looking at a grave.

“It’s so sad,” said Amelia. “No one ever really knew him. He could have been the life of the party if he had just spoken up. He was too shy for his own good, almost afraid to laugh!”

Adrian looked at the headstone, realizing that Amelia was talking about him. He looked down at his arms, but they were no longer the tanned, fleshy arms he was used to. They were pale and transparent. Adrian was a ghost!

After his parents and Amelia walked away from the small, quiet funeral, Adrian sat on his tombstone for a long time, thinking. Amelia was right—he could have been the life of the party if he had only tried!

At that moment, Adrian promised himself that he would be a new man, if rather transparent. If no one had noticed him before, they would now! In his afterlife, Adrian would be the life of the party!

He set out from the cemetery in search of a party, any party, where he could prove that he knew how to have fun.

Ever since, for over two-hundred years, Adrian has turned up at parties bringing jokes, scares, and fun. Finding the perfect party has long been Adrian’s goal and he traveled the globe learning about parties of all kinds, from weddings to elections, from fiestas to soirees, festivals and fairs. Halloween, of course, is Adrian’s favorite holiday—people don’t seem nearly as scared when he arrives.

You never know, the next party Adrian crashes could be yours!

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