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The Scariest Pirate Party

Posted by Wendy Moyle on February 25, 2011

The runaway success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has boosted the popularity not only of pirate parties in general, but also of haunted and undead zombie pirate parties for all but the youngest party people. Best of all, there’s absolutely no reason to wait until Halloween to throw a bash fit for the Bermuda triangle!

It’s easy to hunt haunted ships and multiply the fun by combining products from our pirate party store with selections from Halloween party supplies. Select a ship, palm trees, and treasure chest from our Treasure Bay or Pirate’s Cove kit. Then, think about the ways you can turn these pieces into an eerie and ominous setting using Halloween decorations and decorating techniques. Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose background materials in dark blues and grays to suggest nighttime, or a dreary underwater scene.

  • If using a Treasure Bay ship, cut and tear the ends of gossamer “sails” so they hang in tatters from the “masts.”

  • Backlight the large decorating pieces with red bulbs, and keep ambient lighting to the minimum required for safety.

  • Make use of a fog machine.

  • Dress up lifesize light up zombies (or lifesize grim reaper figures) in pirate wearables and weapons and hang or stand them in unexpected places.
  • Bring your dark blues to the table, too, along with the glint of pirate gold and silver. Start with a solid tablecover topped with tattered fishnet and a mix of gold and silver solid color tableware. Put together a centerpiece grouping of a nautical lantern lit with a flickering LED tea light, a glitter skull centerpiece outfitted with an eyepatch, and a scattering of plastic gold coins.

    The skull and crossbones mylar balloon is big and sets the perfect tone immediately. Bedeck your deck by tying it outside to a pole or railing, or create tall, weighted bouquets of this balloon with black latex balloons to flank the entrance to your scary pirate party.


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    Decorations & Costumes for a Zombie Halloween

    Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 15, 2010

    We can’t explain the enduring popularity of zombies, but we do know that creating a “Zombie Halloween” is dead simple if you shop for decorations and costumes at ShindigZ Party.

    To start, select a great backdrop for the zombie terror-tory. A black-and-white photo mural such as the Cemetery Gates photo illustration or the Misty Woods photo background will lend a classic Night of the Living Dead feel. They come in several different sizes and materials to suit your setting, and can even be personalized with your wording. Another way to go is to backlight one of our extra-large free-standing silhouette pieces such as our Graveyard or Crypt. (The Crypt Silhouette, incidentally, is made of weather resistant Corex and can be used outdoors, too.)

    Highlight the entrance to the party or other haunted scene using the Graveyard Gates cemetery arch or the Spooktacular Cemetery Kit. If you’d like to build a pathway to or through the entrance, we highly recommend using the Cobblestone Patterned Flat Paper, which comes in shades of gray or tan, for this purpose.

    Scatter a few personalized Halloween tombstones and our Zombie Silhouettes through your setting. Then garnish your creation with tattered lengths of black crepe streamers – hung poorly! – and a couple of cobwebs.

    Lastly, shop our Gothic Costumes catalog for a great undead look at any age, and you’ll be well on your way to Zombieland!

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