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Haunted Hill Tableware Sets a Fall Harvest Scene

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 21, 2009

Haunted-Hill-Tableware-EnsembleFor a Halloween party table that works well for both adult guests and kids, creating a table with decorations that features plenty of fall harvest colors as well as ghosts and goblins.

To create a festive fall table for Halloween, try our Haunted Hill Tableware Ensemble (pictured at right). The print on the tableware features a fall harvest-colored sky paired with a haunted cemetery scene. The smiling Jack O’Lanterns and skeleton, however, keep the design from being too spooky for kids. The Haunted Hill Tableware pattern is available in dinner plates, luncheon napkins, hot/cold cups, and invitations and coordinates well with our orange and purple cutlery.

The Haunted Hill Kit-N-Kaboodle includes plates, napkins, cups, invitations, cutlery, orange and purple balloons, an orange table cover and orange curling ribbon. The deluxe kit also includes a 10”x30” banner, a Jack O’Lantern mylar balloon, candles, and purple and orange streamers.

To begin your Haunted Hill table decorations, cover the table with an orange plastic table cover or with a spider web table roll. Adding a sprinkling of black star confetti or Spiders & Cobwebs Embossed Confetti.

In the middle of the table, place a Pumpkin and Ghost Cascade Centerpiece or a Sweet-Station Halloween Centerpiece for displaying festive Halloween baked goods. A great centerpiece makes your table decorations really pop!

Set the table with the Haunted Hill tableware and create cutlery bundles by wrapping the cutlery in the Haunted Hill napkins or in our fantastic personalized napkins with your party details printed right on them. Tie the bundles with coordinating curling ribbon or with milky way garland.

For a spooky dessert, try our Gory Brain Mold. Fill the mold with gelatin for a creepy dessert kids will get a kick out of.

Check out all of our Halloween Party Supplies and decorations and tell us about your Halloween party!


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Decorate Halloween Tables with Halloween Craze Tableware!

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 14, 2009

Spider-Web-TablecoverIf you’re having a Halloween party that will host both children and adults you’ll want Halloween table decorations that look both fun and classy. Our Halloween Craze Tableware is perfect for creating a fun but grown-up atmosphere at your Halloween party for family and friends.

Start by covering your tables with a spider web tablecover (shown right) for creating a fun base for the tableware. For a simpler option use a solid orange or black table cover or our spider web gossamer.

Over the top of your table cover, scatter Spiders and Cobwebs Confetti. If you plan ahead, you can even put some of the confetti in the envelopes with your invitations for a coordinated feel to your party.

In the middle of the table, place the Halloween Crazy Centerpiece, which features an accordion style accented with ghosts, bats, and spiders! Our Pumpkin and Ghost Cascade Centerpiece is another festive choice.

Our Halloween Sweet Station is a fantastic decoration for your buffet table! You can place cupcakes, brownies, and other Halloween treats in an awesome arrangement around the Sweet Station for a fun accent to your table.

Set the table with Halloween Craze Tableware including dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, and cups with a pattern featuring spiders, ghosts, and bats and a jovial polka dot print.

Coordinate some fun with our Spider Pinata, which not only matches the tableware, but will be a fun party activity for kids of all ages!

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Pick Your Poison Tableware Makes Halloween Tables Spooky & Chic

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 7, 2009

Pick-Your-Poison-Halloween-TablewareIf you’re having a grown-up Halloween party, great Halloween tableware is a simple way to create an awesome Halloween atmosphere for your party. Our Pick Your Poison Tableware is a fantastic choice for your Halloween party.

The Pick Your Poison Tableware (shown at right) features a trendy damask print with skulls worked in for a twist, an orange border and cute, coordinating napkins that read “Bring Your Own Boos” and “Pick Your Poison.” Square dessert plates read “Halloween Spirits.”

Create a base for your fun tableware by covering the tables with orange or black plastic table covers or a spider web table roll. In the center of your table, place a Glitter Skull Centerpiece.

Hang our Skull Icon Personalized Banner at the entrance to your party or above the buffet table for a great personal touch to your party. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and make great keepsakes when you have your guests sign them. Plus, they’re reusable and come in several different sizes so you can find one that fits your space.

Place our Lighted Skull Standee next to your buffet table or doorway for a  coordinating spooky focal point. Guests can also pose for pictures with the standee, which measures 3′ wide x 5′ high. The 3D lighted skull is lit internally.

Add a Halloween theme to the beverages you serve too. Serve them out of personalized stadium cups or custom glassware. Add our Halloween Wine Bottle Labels or Halloween Soda Bottle Labels. They’re frightfully fun and read “Wicked Spirits,” “Devils Blood,” and “Vampire Blood” on the wine labels and “Spooky Sauce,” “Witch Brew,” and “Vampire Blood,” on the soda labels. Your guests will love them!

Finally, for a simple but fun favor, place a Squish Squoosh Skull at each place setting at your table. You can even use the Halloween toy to prop up place cards.

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Decorations for a Halloween Classroom Party

Posted by Wendy Moyle on June 5, 2009

We carry great Halloween decorations, haunted house decorations, yard signs, door covers, budget priced centerpieces, tableware, favors and more.  Here are a few extra tips for pulling your ghoulish look together for the biggest impact. Most will work whether your party location is indoors or outdoors, or whether you are decorating a gymnasium, a classroom, or a haunted house.

Welcome students to the class party with a custom vinyl banner such as our Pumpkin Personalized Banner. Our personalized vinyl banners are printed on heavy-duty vinyl. They make great keepsakes if you have your students sign the banner after the party!

* Cut white 60″ Gossamer into different ghost shapes, creating the ghouls only from their tummies to their heads. Be creative and cut different sizes out, but try to make the arms quite long. They can be about 4 feet in length if you are going to use them in a home or 10/15 feet long if you are using them in a room with high ceilings and door frames. Hang the ghosts upside down from doorways, or scattered across a ceiling. Because the gossamer is so lightweight, the ghosts can be attached with pushpins or with a little masking tape. They’ll billow with any breeze at all, and create a delightfully frightening effect. A guaranteed hit!

* To create a haunted house, darken a bright and cheerful room to set the right mood, or to make a space feel more intimate and spooky, our black gossamer is the answer. The gossamer drapes and hangs so easily, it is ideal to use if you are attempting to divide an area into smaller sections for a haunted house effect. A clothesline strung strategically across the ceiling provides the ideal way to hang the gossamer. Start with a black light, a strobe light, and some graveyard gates and tombstones. Add lots of fake spider webs (we even have some that glow in the dark), some Monsters and Mummies dressed to frighten your guests, creepy Sound Effects, and some disgusting body parts to touch in the dark. Here are a few suggestions for some easy but revolting body parts: thick balogna – monster tongue, cooked spaghetti – intestines, pickles – knobby toes, eyeballs – peeled hard-boiled eggs, bowl of Jell-O™ – brain). EEEK…The best haunted house your guests have ever dared to visit!

* Hang our twisty mini spider mylar balloon spiders, and ghost “spooks” down from the ceiling at varying lengths with fishing line or thread. Accent tables with plenty of spider webbing, and creepy Crawlies.

* When decorating tables in a classroom, start with colored Plastic Table covers in black, orange, green or purple. Green and purple together accented with a little orange make a great combination, and a nice change from the traditional black and orange. If you are planning a party for little ones who may be afraid of witches, devils or ghosts, make the decorating more festive than scary. Try using some of our snack or craft ideas as table decorations, then you’ll only need to sprinkle a little bat Confetti, some clip-on crawlie spiders, or some mini witch’s hats down the center of the table.

* For an original touch on your Halloween tables, use a paint pen (available at craft and art supply stores) to draw little random dots on the handles of Plastic Cutlery. Utilize colors that coordinate with your decorating scheme. Tie the plastic flatware together with Curling Ribbon…big impact at a little price!

* Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons. Balloons can turn any space into a creepy, cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You need not use helium, and will save money using this tip. Inflate Halloween related balloons, and tie a 5-8 foot piece of black or orange curling ribbon to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors. Group a bunch of them together over a serving table, over a doorway, or in any creative manner you choose.

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