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Personalize Your Home & Brew

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 6, 2011

Create a signature event (almost literally!) of an Oktoberfest bash, Halloween haunting, homemade autumn brew and more with personalized products from Shindigz.com.

Personalized Fall Party Supplies
Fall events call for beautifully photographed country backdrops like our autumn photo background illustration or the Fence in the Fall backdrop from Fall Party Supplies. These gorgeous backgrounds come in six different sizes. Imagine one behind a head banquet table and for photo op possibilities. You can use them outdoors if you order vinyl versions.

Add up to three lines of text to a backdrop — or none at all! Coordinate it with personalized fall banners for advertising your autumn event, and party favors in sweet candy corn designs.

Be sure to pick up a few sets of handy banner bungee cords for securing backdrops, banners, or anything else sporting grommets.

Personalized Halloween Party Supplies
If you can give a pretty sure estimate of how many neighbors will show up on your doorstep on Halloween, why not kick up the trick-or-treat scene a notch or two? Toss personalized Halloween party favors such as candy bars or lollipops into their bags, or pick out Halloween favor boxes to customize with a neighborly Halloween greeting. You can fill the boxes with edibles and other treats such as stickers, magnets and decals.

Speaking of greetings, welcome the little goblins to your home on the big night with a Halloween yard sign or made-to-order, personalized Halloween tombstones.

Personalized Oktoberfest Party Supplies
Oktoberfest celebrations typically showcase Bavarian food and drink, so if this is true of yours, take a look at the brat-, beer- and pretzel-embellished Germanfest entrance arch. A colorful, amusing entrance for Oktoberfest guests, the arch is topped with a sign that looks like an accordion and has three lines of room for your special Oktoberfest message. Hand beer steins to arriving guests underneath the arch and snap photos of them to share on Facebook afterward.

Personalized tableware items are naturals in this setting. Personalize beverage labels, coasters, travel mugs and beer mugs – including our very popular LED mug.

Consider custom beverage and dinner napkins for Oktoberfest, too. Just select the type of imprint you want (metallic, holographic, etc.) for your custom napkins, add an order to the cart and customize by adding your wording and choosing an Oktoberfest graphic. Just remember to keep the contrast high (i.e., dark napkin with light imprint or vice-versa) for the best results.

Personalized Home Brews
We know a hobby wine maker who always bottles up a batch of a special red he calls “Witches’ Brew.” If you’re an at-home vintner, brew master or autumn bottler of Swedish glögg, come browse our bottle labels to find customizable labels for your home brews to match most any theme or occasion.


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Say It with Personalized Halloween Tombstones

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 17, 2011

Brandish your rapier wit and dark humor using personalized Halloween tombstones for Halloween — and beyond!

Personalized Halloween tombstones help you make a statement indoors or out, with cardboard or weather-resistant corex. Use Create-A Tombstone to select size up to 48” tall, preferred color/texture, up to four lines of text, and a ghoulish graphic.

Personalized Tombstones for Halloween
From a layout standpoint, tombstones work as any other decorations do and that means odd numbers of them look best. Use one as a marker for your Halloween party or haunted house as a clever alternative to a yard sign, and a minimum of three tombstones for haunted cemetery and other displays.

If using more than a single tombstone, stagger the placement a little for best effect and add skull fencing, grave evaders and other outdoor Halloween décor.

“Epitaphs” come easily if the message is event information; otherwise we highly recommend typing “funny epitaphs” into your favorite search engine for inspiration (and for personal enjoyment). Many of them are real, some from a century or more past. Don’t be afraid to use epitaphs you’ve read before (“I told you I was sick”) because there is always a new generation coming along who hasn’t!

Personalized Tombstones for Milestones
If you can’t push the envelope a bit with close friends and family, when can you? Plan an Over-the-Hill theme for a party that includes personalized tombstones.

Use the first two lines of text for the person’s name and age. For a birthday party, fill the last two lines with his or her personal slogan or a comment about a pastime, preferably with a grave play on words:

Evangeline Johnson
Die-Hard Golfer

A retirement party might focus on profession:

Clark Billingsley, D.D.S.
Has Filled His
Last Cavity

Select a tombstone size that you can put right on the cake table, and lay a bouquet of black silk roses at the base. Use with one of our graveyard backdrops or illustrations.

Personalized Tombstones for Sports & Entertainment Themes
Next time you have a crowd over to watch sports entertainment of a tough, no-mercy type, personalize a tombstone yard sign for the opposing team:

Stick a Fork
In the Eagles
They Are

At a minimum, we could see this for football, a hockey party and professional wrestling when the WWE’s Undertaker is in town. If you are really looking for an over-the-top way to express team spirit, place a longer message on a set of three personalized traditional tombstones in corex and place them Burma-Shave fashion along your street or driveway.

Find tombstones for any theme party idea in the Personalized Halloween Decorations store.

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Sorry. The Mummy Ate the Easter Bunny

Posted by Wendy Moyle on April 1, 2011

Do you have family members with a morbid sense of humor, or friends who are connoisseurs of practical jokes? If so, include a visit to Halloween party supplies as part of your Easter planning for ideas that will make April Fool’s Day pranks pale in comparison.

Ideas for Easter Bunny’s Sad Fate

Plant a walking mummy yard sign that has the message: “I love Hasenpfeffer!”

Create an Easter Bunny “imposter” by gluing a skull graphic or cutout into the face place of a Paste Your Face bunny standee or by attaching bunny ears to the monster of your choice.

Customize Halloween tombstones with the epitaph: “The Rabbit Kicked the Bucket” (or better yet, “The Wabbit Kicked the Bucket” a la Elmer Fudd in the Bugs Bunny cartoon!).

Ideas for Creepy Easter Baskets

Use black tissue grass mats to line baskets instead of the usual green shred.

Place a creepy little something among the Easter basket treats: a decapitated chocolate bunny, or – definitely for PG-13 rated audiences and older – one of our severed finger Halloween decorations.

Cover baskets in fake cobwebs.

Ideas for Horrifying Easter Egg Hunts

Skull GraphicHide small plastic creepy crawlies or bug-shaped gummy candy, such as Wonka® Sluggles gummies, inside plastic eggs.

Create a broken Easter egg “fake spill” with sunny yellow paint and craft glue that dries clear (see general directions here). Stick pieces of plastic egg “shell” or real eggshell pieces in the broken “egg” before it dries. Position it strategically as an Easter surprise.

Host a Halloween “dig” instead. Place a funny personalized tombstone in a sandbox and place dinosaur eggs, Bag O’ Bones pieces and other weird stuff along with the Easter eggs.

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Halloween Yard Decorations for Cute or Gruesome Fun

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 26, 2010

Take the guesswork out of selecting Halloween decorations that will stand up to the elements by shopping ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Yard Decorations catalog. The items in this catalog are made of tough corex and other durable materials that can handle some wind and won’t melt in a bit of rain (or for some of our neighbors: snow!).

Once the question of outdoor-appropriateness is out of the way, your porch or yard decorating decisions can revolve around other questions to guide whether you’ll tilt more toward the cute or the gruesome. This of course is a matter of personal taste and the visitors you’re expecting.

For decorating porch, windows and door to welcome very young trick-or-treaters, you can’t go wrong with the Halloween Outdoor Decorating Kit. This kit contains all kid-friendly components including colorful banner and bunting, door and window decorations, and a set of not-so-scary hanging ghosts. Place the Airblown Cemetery kit prominently in the yard and string some of the blinking, googly-eyed Peeper Lights into the landscaping to finish the look.

Looking to achieve a more ominous feel? The Crypt Silhouette and Graveyard Fence will help take you there, along with mechanically-animated characters such as our flying grim reaper or icky-beyond-compare Shaking Mummy Cocoon Man.

Appealing to all is humor, such as you’ll find with the Rotten Realty or Dead End yard sign — or get punny yourself with a set of Personalized Traditional Tombstones set behind a Silver Skull Fence or Skeleton Arm Yard Stakes.

Garnish with cobwebs as desired, fill a cauldron or two with candy, and get ready to enjoy the big night!

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