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Halloween Classroom Party Games & Activities

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 27, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner, don’t be left in the dark for your classroom party, bring into play these fun Halloween classroom party games and activities:

Fill the Pumpkin Game
Place a pumpkin Halloween candy bucket about 4-6 feet away from the students. In a large plastic Halloween bowl, provide several pieces of party candy, preferably all of the same kind, like Tootsie Rolls or Frooties. Line the students up behind a tape line and give them each a time allotted turn (suggestion: 20-30 seconds) tossing candy, piece by piece into the bucket. After each turn, count how many pieces each student was able to get into the bucket and keep a tally to see which student(s) got the most candy in the bucket. A variation on this game is to break up the classroom into two teams and run the same game, only do the count at the very end to see which team got the most candy in their bucket.

Ghost Busters Game
Cut 30-50 ghosts, about 5-6 inches tall, out of white construction paper. Give the ghosts faces with a black sharpie marker on one side. Turn each ghost to the blank side and assign each ghost a point value (1, 5, 10, 20, etc.) with a pen or highlighter. Assign point values based on age appropriate math numbers. For older kids use larger numbers to make the game more exciting. Hide the ghosts around the room while the students are gone or if they will be supervised, have them step out into the hallway so you can hide the ghosts. Let the students back in the classroom and then instruct them to be ghost busters and find as many ghosts as they can before you yell “boo!” When the game is over, have the students add up the numbers on their ghosts to see who had the most points. Give the winners a thrill with cool glow in the dark fangs as their prize.

Halloween Toss Games
Who can resist a game of bean bag toss, especially with a Halloween themed board? Your students will love lining up for the monster lab toss game or the Halloween bean bag toss game. Both of these games feature a colorful Halloween theme, and include point values on the board. Tally up the points each student gets after their turn is completed.

Bat Pinata Activity
A crowd pleasing Halloween party activity is the classic and beloved piñata. Let the students take a whack with a piñata buster at this crazy looking bat piñata. You can never go wrong the piñata filler, packed with yummy treats and fun toys. If you are looking for an alternative idea, fill the piñata with fun erasers, stickers, or coupons/bucks for special classroom perks.

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Host a Halloween Ball – Ghoulish Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 20, 2011

Calling all ghouls, ghosts, and goblins to a grossly gruesome gathering! Royalty are not the only ones who want to go to the Ball, host a Halloween Ball. Create a creepy atmosphere with a variety of different types of Halloween party supplies to transform your home or party space into a ghastly Halloween bash.

Outdoor Halloween Décor
Start the Halloween haunting in the front yard with an assortment of outdoor Halloween decorations! Beckon the spooks with an eerie graveyard kit. Be sure to strategically place a personalized tombstone yard sign in the graveyard to declare that the guests have arrived dead on at the ghoulish get-together. Cover up front windows with plastic window scenes, window posters (Sinister Sid and Grim Reaper), and freak out your creepy guests with a motion detection haunted house 666 sign that spins the third number from a 9 to a 6, while it plays thunder and lightning sounds. Post a tattered “Enter at your own Risk” banner over the front door for an additional outdoor accent.

Indoor Halloween Décor
Put a spooky touch on every room that the Halloween Ball guests are going to haunt with fantastic Halloween party décor. In the “ball room”, deck out the ceiling with orange and black twirly whirlys, and give additional light to the room by adding a few Halloween LED lanterns. In the middle of the space, hang a spider web canopy to create a creepy chandelier look. This freaky decoration has gnarly posable legs and eyes that light up. To convert walls to match your Halloween décor, cover them with black gossamer fabric.The gothic mansion scene setter portraits are perfect for a main hallway or a large open wall. In the lavatory, give your guests a fright with the zombie hand peel’n place toilet topper. This vinyl low stick adhesive decoration looks like a zombie hand is reaching out of the toilet bowl filled with blood. You can even decorate the refrigerator with a disgusting Halloween refrigerator door cover. The cover features a freezer panel with a frozen head and assorted parts. The refrigerator panel pictures a mixture of unsavory decaying food, worms, and various specimens.

Halloween Tableware
Cover all of the tables with black gossamer and an overlay of spider web patterned gossamer. Place a haunted house glitter centerpiece in the middle of the tables, surrounded by dreary glitter leaf table sprinkles. The scary silhouettes dinner plates, napkins, and cups are a great Halloween tableware choice for your party. At the serving table, attach a bloody gauze panel to the top of the black gossamer, and then position a black tabletop Halloween tree as the centerpiece.

For a real thrill, put the meat market value pack of bloody body parts on a platter with a cover. Have guests touch the items without seeing them, and then try to guess what they are touching. Be sure to play fun music and include songs like the Monster Mash. Let your ghoulish creativity rise and be brought forth from your inner being!

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Costume Party Ideas: Glee Meets Gaga

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 24, 2011

Much of the charm of the “Glee meets Gaga” episode of Glee, “Born This Way,” is that the characters didn’t try to emulate Lady Gaga exactly. Instead, the Glee crew went for “Gaga-esque” and put their own personalities and personal touches on their costumes.

For this reason, if you are considering a Lady Gaga Halloween costume party, why not a Glee Meets Gaga theme party? Pay homage to her accomplishments by retaining her spirit and setting free your own imagination as well.

Gaga Foundation Halloween Costume Pieces
Visit the Lady Gaga Costumes department of the Halloween Costumes store first. Here, you’ll find the black sequin two-tone dress and the blue “Poker Face” video outfit complete with matching gloves.

This is where you’ll also get the creative juices flowing as you discover a selection of sunglasses, hats, feather and sequined masks, and wigs including the signature Lady Gaga long blonde wig with bangs. Keep your eye on that wig! We’ve got a couple fun ways to use it.

Do-it-yourself Lady Gaga/Glee Costumes
Gaga/Brittany’s silver lobster headdress: Make a stop in Nautical Party Supplies for a 16” long lobster cutout that you can cover in glitter in no time. Attach the finished lobster to an elasticized headband. That’s it! Since not everybody’s cut out to wear a transparent plastic dress with the headdress, you might opt for the black sequin as described above, or a simple black sheath as a contrast to the showy crustacean.

(Incidentally, nautical also carries a captain’s hat that’s not hard to picture Lady Gaga wearing.)

Gaga/Tina’s bubble dress: Select either silver metallic or clear crystal latex balloons. Inflate them to varying sizes but no bigger than about softball size. Create balloon ropes, each at least your own height, by attaching the knot ends of all but the smallest balloons to clear thread with small spaces between them.

To assemble the bubble costume, climb into a bodysuit that matches your skin color as closely as possible. Drape one rope over your shoulders like a stole. Then have a friend bring the other around your torso, crossing and twisting one thread around the other at the spaces wherever possible, but keeping the thread well away from your neck! Finally, have your friend glue the smallest balloons between and on top of the larger balloons with clear- and quick-drying craft glue that is skin safe.

To get the hair that goes with the bubble dress, trim the blonde wig with bangs to a bob length.

Gaga/Mercedes hair bow: Get two of the blonde wigs with bangs, one for wearing and the other for extra hair to make the bow. Type “Lady Gaga’s hair bow tutorial” into your preferred search engine and watch a couple of them. Be sure to cut the second wig as close to the cap as possible for a nice long length of hair to work with. Wear with the Lady Gaga getup of your choice and the tallest shoes you dare.

More Halloween Costume Ideas
Why not create a Lady Gaga Meets Halloween look? Imagine fingerless gloves, a feather boa and a chic witch’s broom — all in hot pink! Browse your way through Halloween Costume Accessories and Create-A Costume prop options to pull together your own unique Halloween tribute to the pop star today.

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Plan a Halloween Themed Fundraiser

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 3, 2011

Do you have an October fundraising event? Work a Halloween theme and Halloween party decorations into your fall fundraiser this year. Bring something fresh to annual fairs and festivals with newer products such as personalized bottle labels, or try one of the more unusual fundraising ideas below.

Say Boo with Your Booth
For an indoor Halloween themed carnival fundraiser, check out the Radiant Halloween balloon arch from Halloween props. The arch helps you create a happy, festive entrance that is rated “E” for “Everyone.” As always with our Radiant arches, you have balloon color choices. If the fundraiser really must be geared more generally to fall, select candy corn or autumn leaf colors instead of orange and black.

For festival and tailgate fundraising, set up a fuss-free outdoor canopy. Be sure to weight the corners adequately to stand up to errant autumn breezes.

Hang a custom Halloween banner across the top of the canopy and sell bottles of blood-red soda with personalized Halloween bottle labels and matching Halloween candy bars.

Plot a Scavenger Scheme
A road rally is a scavenger hunt on wheels, and it is becoming a popular fundraising event. It’s a cute idea as a fundraiser for a transportation-related cause, such as a school bus trip or Meals on Wheels, and highly amenable to a Halloween theme party. Donations are collected as registration fees.

Just for fun, pick a theme with a mascot or conveyance that gets around: witches and brooms, vampires and bats, headless horsemen and jack-o-lanterns. Plant thematic Halloween party favors and props – especially wearables — on the scavenger list; and keep up the theme on snack tables for the gathering afterward.

Plan a Murder
This type of Halloween fundraiser can come formal or informal, costumed or not, but one thing is clear: Halloween adds an extra shiver to a murder mystery party.

Select a murder mystery kit from the many available online, and then come to Shindigz.com for the setting decorations. Whether your murder is committed in a 1920s Chicago speakeasy or at a fancy masked ball, you’ll find beautiful themed decorations and plenty of assistance.

Complete the look by outfitting the players in accessories and Create-A Costume pieces from Halloween Costumes.

Thrill the World
If you can plan a Halloween fundraiser for Halloween weekend 2011, consider a tie-in to Thrill the World, a global celebration of zombie unity and of Michael Jackson’s video, “Thriller,” expressed through dance. Visit Thrilltheworld.com for more information on the dance and to officially register your event.

Participating organizations are encouraged to use their events to support charities. Raise funds via “Thriller” dance workshops, costume contest entree fees, or a donations-at-the-door monster bash decorated with Halloween party supplies such as our smashing cemetery and zombie silhouettes and new Beware Zombie tableware.

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