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Superhero Party Decorating Tips for Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 7, 2012

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your out-of-this-world Superhero Halloween party! Superheroes are huge right now – in comics, in movies and on television. Decorations will make or break your party, so be sure you’ve got the best when it’s time to create the atmosphere of a Superhero Halloween party.

Avengers Party

The Avengers was a huge cinematic success in 2012, so why not decorate in everything Avengers for your party? Avengers Party Packs include tableware and decorations featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk. There are also Avengers balloons and favors that will add excitement to the party decorations.

Captain America

Instead of focusing on all the Avengers, you might want to just focus on one of your favorites, like Captain America. Captain America balloons, tableware, favors and other decorations will help set the tone, but consider other red, white and blue decorations as well like patriotic garland and balloons.

Celebrate All Superheroes

Let the party guests be the superheroes! Invite everyone to dress as their favorite superhero, but also give them a chance to remember the party with a photo. The Superhero Photo Op has a hole for kids faces. Not only will it be the perfect picture and keepsake, but the 54-inch high stand-in also serves as a decoration.

Maybe you want stationary superhero standees around the party with the faces of you and your family and friends. The Paste Your Face Superhero Standee lets you become the one who “saves the day”. Simply place a photo of your face on the superhero, and be the star of the party!

Save the City

Batman had Gotham City. Spiderman had New York City. Whether you decide to have your superhero Halloween party focus on one superhero, or on them all, there’s got to be a city that needs saved. The Times Square Skyscraper Standee can serve as the backdrop of your party with its towering buildings and lit windows, reminding all your guests of their mission as a superhero.

Remember that the superheroes are the good guys, and your superhero Halloween party should celebrate those fictional characters with awesome decorations.

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