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Scary & Not So Scary Garage Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 27, 2012

While many people decorate the interior of their homes and outside lawns, Halloween garage decorations often get overlooked. Surprise everyone and decorate your garage this year!

Here are 5 Scary Halloween Garage Decorating Ideas and 5 Not so Scary Halloween Garage Decorating Ideas.

5 Scary Halloween Garage Decorating Ideas:

Imagine the reactions when your garage door opens and this is revealed!

1. Drape polyester cobwebs from the garage ceiling and walls. Add a giant fuzzy spider (or two) tucked into a corner for an extra surprise.

2. Replace the light bulbs inside and outside your garage with red bulbs to cast a scary red hue.

3. Plug in a fog machine, fill it with fog liquid and set it on an evening timer. Enjoy the surprised reactions of your neighbors and visitors as fog pours from your garage! Remember to add extra fog liquid each time you use the fog machine.

4. Prune a couple of low-lying branches from any overgrown trees on your property, spray paint them black and place the painted branches in a sturdy black bucket outside of your garage. Hang the Bloody Weapon Garland from the branches.

5. Attach the creepy Hanging Reaper  from the garage ceiling to finish off your super scary Halloween garage decorations.

5 Not So Scary Garage Decorating Ideas:

1. Replace the light bulbs inside and outside your garage with bright orange bulbs to create a festive glow

2. Hang a colorful, vinyl Halloween banner on the outside of your garage and personalize it with your name.

3. Twist together orange and black crepe streamers and tape them to the walls of your garage for a colorful burst of Halloween spirit.

4. Affix Orange and Black Twirly Whirlys to the ceiling and enjoy the way they dance each time the garage door opens and closes.

5. Collect an assortment of orange and yellow pumpkins and gourds, place them in re-purposed flower pots spray painted black and put the pots on either side of your garage door.

Halloween decorations add to the excitement of the approaching holiday revelry, and they provide an opportunity to express your personality: Will your Halloween decorations be scary or not so scary? This Halloween, open your garage door and share your personal Halloween preference with everyone!


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10 Alternatives to Giving Out Candy at Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 21, 2012

For decades, children have gone door-to-door on Halloween night, collecting sugary sweets that they’ll devour in the weeks that follow. If you’d like to stand out in a crowd of candy bars, lollipops and caramels, consider one of these 10 alternatives to giving out candy at Halloween:


Jewelry is always fun and can be worn for the entire Halloween season for years to come! For example, Skull Rings are adjustable rings in bright silver, and Crawlie Rings looks like black spiders crawling up your finger.

Temporary Tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos. They’re easy and safe to apply and last for a couple of days. Simply apply to cheek, arm, or hand with water. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and it won’t cause anyone to get a cavity!

Glow Sticks

Trick-or-treaters might want to use this treat right away! Glow Sticks will light up their night in colors like blue, orange, purple, green, pink or yellow. Parents will appreciate their glow and help them keep a better eye on trick-or-treaters after dark. Alternatives to sticks are Glow Bracelets.

Healthy Snacks

If you insist on handing out some sort of edible treat on Halloween, it doesn’t have to be candy. In order to be safe though, make sure your snacks are prepackaged. Some healthy treats that come prepackaged are raisins, pretzels, dried fruit, granola bars, trail mix, and sugar-free gum.

Vampire Fangs

Give kids some Vampire Fangs to see what it’s like to be Dracula for the night. The white fangs will fit the mouths of most children. They are also available in glow-in-the-dark.

School Supplies

When purchased in large quantities, school supplies are low-cost. Some ideas are Crayon Erasers, pencils, or pens.

Bouncy Balls

Kids love to throw and bounce things. Have them channel their Halloween energy into a marble bounce ball. They have the look of real marbles and come in a variety of colors.


No matter the amount, children are always thrilled to get money. Have a big jar of change just sitting around? Pass it out at Halloween. Some trick-or-treaters might get a penny and others a quarter. It will be part of the surprise!

Coloring Books

Coloring books are a great alternative to candy at Halloween. Not only is it a non-edible item, but it also gives children a chance to be creative.

Mini Bottles of Water

Help keep trick-or-treaters hydrated by passing out mini bottles of water. Large quantities of mini bottles can be purchased at a wholesaler near you.

Whatever you pass out this Halloween, make sure it is safe and appropriate for the many ages of trick-or-treaters.

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Creepiest Halloween Party Snacks

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 14, 2012

Want to really creep out your Halloween party guests? Don’t just serve cookies and punch. Take things a bit further with some creepy Halloween party snacks.

Bewitching Drinks

Instead of throwing cans of your favorite beverages in a cooler or ice bucket, have them guarded by a spooky witch, who will keep your drinks chilled in her cauldron filled with ice. The Witch Cauldron Cooler is made of plastic and inflates to around four-feet high.

If you’ll be serving drinks over ice, make some eerie ice cubes with Bone Chillers Ice Cube Trays. The black, plastic skull and crossbones ice cube tray makes eight unique ice cubes.

Nonskulls Cupcakes

Don’t just serve your cooky and creepy cupcakes in regular cupcake wrappers. Instead, bake your ghoulish cupcakes in Nomskulls Cupcake Molds and use pink icing to make the tops of the cupcakes look like brains.

Ghoulish Gelatin

It’s slippery and gross. It’s slime. Serve your guests some green slime at your Halloween party. The edible slime can come in the form of lime gelatin. Put the slime in some sort of Halloween-themed cups like Beware Zombies Cups.

To make things even creepier, use the Gory Brain Mold to make some delectable gelatin brains. The mold holds 48 ounces of gelatin.

Vampire Candy

Even vampires like candy, so vampire candy at your Halloween party is a must if you want to creep out your guests with a delicious treat. Pick your favorite candy and wrap it in Vampire Candy Favor Wrappers. The wrappers are black and red and include sayings like, “Happy Halloween,” “Eat if you dare,” “Bwa ha ha,” and “Sweet Tooth.”

For Adults Only

If your party is for adults, serve your shots in Syringe Shot Glasses. These shot glasses have the look of large medical syringes and each holds one ounce of liquid.

The more slimy and gross your snacks appear the bigger hit they will be. Get your thinking cap on and come up with some of your own creepy snack ideas for your Halloween party.

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Superhero Party Decorating Tips for Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 7, 2012

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your out-of-this-world Superhero Halloween party! Superheroes are huge right now – in comics, in movies and on television. Decorations will make or break your party, so be sure you’ve got the best when it’s time to create the atmosphere of a Superhero Halloween party.

Avengers Party

The Avengers was a huge cinematic success in 2012, so why not decorate in everything Avengers for your party? Avengers Party Packs include tableware and decorations featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk. There are also Avengers balloons and favors that will add excitement to the party decorations.

Captain America

Instead of focusing on all the Avengers, you might want to just focus on one of your favorites, like Captain America. Captain America balloons, tableware, favors and other decorations will help set the tone, but consider other red, white and blue decorations as well like patriotic garland and balloons.

Celebrate All Superheroes

Let the party guests be the superheroes! Invite everyone to dress as their favorite superhero, but also give them a chance to remember the party with a photo. The Superhero Photo Op has a hole for kids faces. Not only will it be the perfect picture and keepsake, but the 54-inch high stand-in also serves as a decoration.

Maybe you want stationary superhero standees around the party with the faces of you and your family and friends. The Paste Your Face Superhero Standee lets you become the one who “saves the day”. Simply place a photo of your face on the superhero, and be the star of the party!

Save the City

Batman had Gotham City. Spiderman had New York City. Whether you decide to have your superhero Halloween party focus on one superhero, or on them all, there’s got to be a city that needs saved. The Times Square Skyscraper Standee can serve as the backdrop of your party with its towering buildings and lit windows, reminding all your guests of their mission as a superhero.

Remember that the superheroes are the good guys, and your superhero Halloween party should celebrate those fictional characters with awesome decorations.

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