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Simple Halloween Party Snacks and Tableware

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 16, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of simple, low-maintenance ways to create tasty party snacks and eye-catching tableware.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, and it can easily be made into a holiday with elegant style. Candle holders like  pumpkin lantern centerpieces jazz up orange or black tablecloths. Sprinkle candy corn around for edible decorations to add colorful snacks for hungry visitors. If candy corn won’t fix your craving for Halloween goodness, make cakes in mini pumpkins cake pans. Decorate with orange and green icing, and watch your table come to life.


Create faces on party tableware!

Smiling jack-o-lanterns, happy spiders, laughing vampires- there are many kid-friendly snacks and tableware to keep the atmosphere light. A boo bash party pack can jazz up any boring table at Halloween. For the child with a sweet tooth, bake some sugar cookies in the shapes of pumpkins or candy corns and decorate with icing. For the child who wants something healthy, create an array of black and orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, blackberries, oranges, mangos and raisins. The combination of funny Halloween characters and kid-friendly snacks will create a simple spread that children of all ages will love!

Vampire Red
Orange and black not your thing? Spice up a spread with a simple Halloween vampire theme of red, black and white. Have your main centerpiece be a haunting, tabletop skull candle holder that looks like it was taken from Dracula’s dining room table. Any vampire fan will love sinking his or her teeth into cupcakes wrapped in vampire cupcake wrappers.  Don’t forget to choose some sort of red beverage to go along with the treats. There are lots of vampire goodies out at Halloween time that can serve as secondary table decorations, like plastic fangs and bats.

Bad to the Bone
The chills and frills party pack look is big in Hollywood and can be a real hit for your Halloween spread. Aside from fun, disposable cups, plates and napkins, there are lots of exciting table centerpieces like plastic or glass skulls.  If you’re interested in having your Halloween snacks fit in with the theme of the table, create brains oozing from skulls from nomskulls cupcake molds. It’s up to you how scary you want to get. Skulls can be a super spooky theme to a Halloween table spread or just a fun, colorful way to jazz up a table.

After you set your Halloween table, try these Halloween party recipes and enjoy the fun of pre-party preparations with family and friends.

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