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Adorable Halloween Favor Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on October 4, 2011

Having a Halloween party? Stumped as to what to give your guests as a parting gift? Check out these outstanding, adorable Halloween favor ideas:

Sweet Treats
Trick or treat? Most people opt for treat over trick and for good reason. One of the best things about Halloween is the treats and your guests will love these sweet treats along with their adorable packaging!
Halloween Cookie Tins – Send your guests away with a homemade treat in a personalized cookie tin as a keepsake from your Halloween party.
Halloween Mint Tins – Choose a design and give this minty take home favor with your own wording on the tin.
Halloween Lollipop Favors – Hand your guests a bouquet of Halloween lollipops and they are sure to treat you with a smile! Choose from a variety of Halloween milk chocolate lollipop favors, boo-tique swirl lollipops, or Halloween swirl lollipops.
Red and white wax fangs – These amazing wax candy lips come in a box with 24 individual packages to easily include in your Halloween favor pack.

Glow Favors
Your guests will play with these glow party favors long after the Halloween party is over.
Glow in the Dark Fangs – Make your teeth glow green with these fun party favor fangs!
Glow Pumpkin Saucers – Play with this adorable pumpkin glow in the dark saucer long after the sun goes down.
Glow in the Dark Sword – These cool light-up swords come in a variety of colors (yellow, orange, blue, and green) and they are a fantastic Halloween accessory.
Flash Pop Ring – Bring in the bling with these flashy rings!
Magic Star Ball – These star glow favors are irresistible and they come with an attachment to turn them into a necklace!

Novelty Items
Candy is not the only coveted party favor that your guests will go crazy for! These novelty items will make them howl with happiness.
Creature Pop Up Favors – Kids will love playing with these delightful monster pop ups over and over again.
Bean Bag Bats – Maybe you don’t think bats are cute, but these bean bag bats in assorted colors are adorable.
Pull And Stretch Bounce Ball – These bouncy balls are unique! Not only do they bounce, but they take on different shapes as you pull and stretch them. They come in bright colors (blue, pink, green, and orange).
Sponge Bob Sculpted Bubbles – Bubbles are a guest favorite, and the Sponge Bob bubble container is so cute and comical!

Contain Your Favors
Wondering what kind of container to put your Halloween party favors in?
Halloween Favor Boxes – Choose from 5 terrific Halloween designed boxes to contain your goodies.
Bat Shaped Favor Bags with Zipper – These happy bat bags feature a zipper closure to keep the favors from spilling out.
Cauldron – Stir up great small prizes and Halloween candy in this black kettle cauldron.

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