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Halloween Classroom Party Games & Activities

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 27, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner, don’t be left in the dark for your classroom party, bring into play these fun Halloween classroom party games and activities:

Fill the Pumpkin Game
Place a pumpkin Halloween candy bucket about 4-6 feet away from the students. In a large plastic Halloween bowl, provide several pieces of party candy, preferably all of the same kind, like Tootsie Rolls or Frooties. Line the students up behind a tape line and give them each a time allotted turn (suggestion: 20-30 seconds) tossing candy, piece by piece into the bucket. After each turn, count how many pieces each student was able to get into the bucket and keep a tally to see which student(s) got the most candy in the bucket. A variation on this game is to break up the classroom into two teams and run the same game, only do the count at the very end to see which team got the most candy in their bucket.

Ghost Busters Game
Cut 30-50 ghosts, about 5-6 inches tall, out of white construction paper. Give the ghosts faces with a black sharpie marker on one side. Turn each ghost to the blank side and assign each ghost a point value (1, 5, 10, 20, etc.) with a pen or highlighter. Assign point values based on age appropriate math numbers. For older kids use larger numbers to make the game more exciting. Hide the ghosts around the room while the students are gone or if they will be supervised, have them step out into the hallway so you can hide the ghosts. Let the students back in the classroom and then instruct them to be ghost busters and find as many ghosts as they can before you yell “boo!” When the game is over, have the students add up the numbers on their ghosts to see who had the most points. Give the winners a thrill with cool glow in the dark fangs as their prize.

Halloween Toss Games
Who can resist a game of bean bag toss, especially with a Halloween themed board? Your students will love lining up for the monster lab toss game or the Halloween bean bag toss game. Both of these games feature a colorful Halloween theme, and include point values on the board. Tally up the points each student gets after their turn is completed.

Bat Pinata Activity
A crowd pleasing Halloween party activity is the classic and beloved piñata. Let the students take a whack with a piñata buster at this crazy looking bat piñata. You can never go wrong the piñata filler, packed with yummy treats and fun toys. If you are looking for an alternative idea, fill the piñata with fun erasers, stickers, or coupons/bucks for special classroom perks.

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Host a Halloween Ball – Ghoulish Ideas

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 20, 2011

Calling all ghouls, ghosts, and goblins to a grossly gruesome gathering! Royalty are not the only ones who want to go to the Ball, host a Halloween Ball. Create a creepy atmosphere with a variety of different types of Halloween party supplies to transform your home or party space into a ghastly Halloween bash.

Outdoor Halloween Décor
Start the Halloween haunting in the front yard with an assortment of outdoor Halloween decorations! Beckon the spooks with an eerie graveyard kit. Be sure to strategically place a personalized tombstone yard sign in the graveyard to declare that the guests have arrived dead on at the ghoulish get-together. Cover up front windows with plastic window scenes, window posters (Sinister Sid and Grim Reaper), and freak out your creepy guests with a motion detection haunted house 666 sign that spins the third number from a 9 to a 6, while it plays thunder and lightning sounds. Post a tattered “Enter at your own Risk” banner over the front door for an additional outdoor accent.

Indoor Halloween Décor
Put a spooky touch on every room that the Halloween Ball guests are going to haunt with fantastic Halloween party décor. In the “ball room”, deck out the ceiling with orange and black twirly whirlys, and give additional light to the room by adding a few Halloween LED lanterns. In the middle of the space, hang a spider web canopy to create a creepy chandelier look. This freaky decoration has gnarly posable legs and eyes that light up. To convert walls to match your Halloween décor, cover them with black gossamer fabric.The gothic mansion scene setter portraits are perfect for a main hallway or a large open wall. In the lavatory, give your guests a fright with the zombie hand peel’n place toilet topper. This vinyl low stick adhesive decoration looks like a zombie hand is reaching out of the toilet bowl filled with blood. You can even decorate the refrigerator with a disgusting Halloween refrigerator door cover. The cover features a freezer panel with a frozen head and assorted parts. The refrigerator panel pictures a mixture of unsavory decaying food, worms, and various specimens.

Halloween Tableware
Cover all of the tables with black gossamer and an overlay of spider web patterned gossamer. Place a haunted house glitter centerpiece in the middle of the tables, surrounded by dreary glitter leaf table sprinkles. The scary silhouettes dinner plates, napkins, and cups are a great Halloween tableware choice for your party. At the serving table, attach a bloody gauze panel to the top of the black gossamer, and then position a black tabletop Halloween tree as the centerpiece.

For a real thrill, put the meat market value pack of bloody body parts on a platter with a cover. Have guests touch the items without seeing them, and then try to guess what they are touching. Be sure to play fun music and include songs like the Monster Mash. Let your ghoulish creativity rise and be brought forth from your inner being!

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Dances, Homecomings, & School Fall Festivals

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 13, 2011

As we head into a new school year and change of seasons, so too we enter a different phase of the social whirl. Here are some handy pages and products to help you get ready for football, Homecoming dances and parades, fundraisers and other school-related fall functions.

Banners & Signs
No matter what fall school event you’re planning, you’ll need to advertise it on campus and maybe off. Weather-resistant vinyl banners come in seven sizes and are customizable with background color and design, font and text color, and graphic design or logo at minimum. You can add a photo to many banner designs, and grommets assure you can hang them anywhere. Shop for you banners by theme, holiday or special occasion. Don’t miss our banners made especially for school, too.

You could also add event information to a photorealistic backdrop or mural background.  Depending on the size you need, you have choice of material as well: vinyl, “photo real” cardboard or mural paper. We have several fall-themed backdrops and murals to set rural scenes in gorgeous autumn color.

Carnivals & Fundraising
Fall festivals and carnivals at school celebrate back-to-school but also have a fundraising function. You will want to select fall party supplies to create the seasonal mood, but don’t stop there; also visit our school event fundraiser and carnival party pages for craft, game and prize ideas.

Fall Party Decorations
For fall-themed parties and dances, we recommend bringing the outdoors in. Start with one of the backdrops mentioned above, festoon the room in fall leaves garland and add made-to-order cornstalk standees, an arch for an entrance or focal point (such as the one pictured, or use Create-An Arch Fall), and maybe a stand-alone faux fire pit as well!

Fall leaves Gleam’N Burst centerpieces coordinate well with the foil leaves garland. Place the centerpieces on chocolate brown table covers and finish your tables with our new Harvest Basket patterned tableware or tableware value packs from catering supplies.

Football Party Decorations
Watch for opportunities to customize the football decorations you find on these pages. A big Helmet Memories mural, Custom Creation arch, and giant football and helmet standees are ready to be personalized for Homecoming parties.

If you are shopping for collegiate football party supplies for Homecoming, you should know that Shindigz.com carries football party supplies for 29 NCAA teams!

Spirit items make naturally good party favors for football party events.

Parade Float Decorations
It’s never too early to finalize plans for that fall festival or Homecoming parade float, and to start shopping for materials. Metallic fringe and floral sheeting come in all the popular team colors, and readymade football float components give you a head start on a professional look. We can even help you give the team mascot a makeover! Just start from football party supplies to jump to float decorations, mascots, fan gear and more.

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Personalize Your Home & Brew

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 6, 2011

Create a signature event (almost literally!) of an Oktoberfest bash, Halloween haunting, homemade autumn brew and more with personalized products from Shindigz.com.

Personalized Fall Party Supplies
Fall events call for beautifully photographed country backdrops like our autumn photo background illustration or the Fence in the Fall backdrop from Fall Party Supplies. These gorgeous backgrounds come in six different sizes. Imagine one behind a head banquet table and for photo op possibilities. You can use them outdoors if you order vinyl versions.

Add up to three lines of text to a backdrop — or none at all! Coordinate it with personalized fall banners for advertising your autumn event, and party favors in sweet candy corn designs.

Be sure to pick up a few sets of handy banner bungee cords for securing backdrops, banners, or anything else sporting grommets.

Personalized Halloween Party Supplies
If you can give a pretty sure estimate of how many neighbors will show up on your doorstep on Halloween, why not kick up the trick-or-treat scene a notch or two? Toss personalized Halloween party favors such as candy bars or lollipops into their bags, or pick out Halloween favor boxes to customize with a neighborly Halloween greeting. You can fill the boxes with edibles and other treats such as stickers, magnets and decals.

Speaking of greetings, welcome the little goblins to your home on the big night with a Halloween yard sign or made-to-order, personalized Halloween tombstones.

Personalized Oktoberfest Party Supplies
Oktoberfest celebrations typically showcase Bavarian food and drink, so if this is true of yours, take a look at the brat-, beer- and pretzel-embellished Germanfest entrance arch. A colorful, amusing entrance for Oktoberfest guests, the arch is topped with a sign that looks like an accordion and has three lines of room for your special Oktoberfest message. Hand beer steins to arriving guests underneath the arch and snap photos of them to share on Facebook afterward.

Personalized tableware items are naturals in this setting. Personalize beverage labels, coasters, travel mugs and beer mugs – including our very popular LED mug.

Consider custom beverage and dinner napkins for Oktoberfest, too. Just select the type of imprint you want (metallic, holographic, etc.) for your custom napkins, add an order to the cart and customize by adding your wording and choosing an Oktoberfest graphic. Just remember to keep the contrast high (i.e., dark napkin with light imprint or vice-versa) for the best results.

Personalized Home Brews
We know a hobby wine maker who always bottles up a batch of a special red he calls “Witches’ Brew.” If you’re an at-home vintner, brew master or autumn bottler of Swedish glögg, come browse our bottle labels to find customizable labels for your home brews to match most any theme or occasion.

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