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Say It with Personalized Halloween Tombstones

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 17, 2011

Brandish your rapier wit and dark humor using personalized Halloween tombstones for Halloween — and beyond!

Personalized Halloween tombstones help you make a statement indoors or out, with cardboard or weather-resistant corex. Use Create-A Tombstone to select size up to 48” tall, preferred color/texture, up to four lines of text, and a ghoulish graphic.

Personalized Tombstones for Halloween
From a layout standpoint, tombstones work as any other decorations do and that means odd numbers of them look best. Use one as a marker for your Halloween party or haunted house as a clever alternative to a yard sign, and a minimum of three tombstones for haunted cemetery and other displays.

If using more than a single tombstone, stagger the placement a little for best effect and add skull fencing, grave evaders and other outdoor Halloween décor.

“Epitaphs” come easily if the message is event information; otherwise we highly recommend typing “funny epitaphs” into your favorite search engine for inspiration (and for personal enjoyment). Many of them are real, some from a century or more past. Don’t be afraid to use epitaphs you’ve read before (“I told you I was sick”) because there is always a new generation coming along who hasn’t!

Personalized Tombstones for Milestones
If you can’t push the envelope a bit with close friends and family, when can you? Plan an Over-the-Hill theme for a party that includes personalized tombstones.

Use the first two lines of text for the person’s name and age. For a birthday party, fill the last two lines with his or her personal slogan or a comment about a pastime, preferably with a grave play on words:

Evangeline Johnson
Die-Hard Golfer

A retirement party might focus on profession:

Clark Billingsley, D.D.S.
Has Filled His
Last Cavity

Select a tombstone size that you can put right on the cake table, and lay a bouquet of black silk roses at the base. Use with one of our graveyard backdrops or illustrations.

Personalized Tombstones for Sports & Entertainment Themes
Next time you have a crowd over to watch sports entertainment of a tough, no-mercy type, personalize a tombstone yard sign for the opposing team:

Stick a Fork
In the Eagles
They Are

At a minimum, we could see this for football, a hockey party and professional wrestling when the WWE’s Undertaker is in town. If you are really looking for an over-the-top way to express team spirit, place a longer message on a set of three personalized traditional tombstones in corex and place them Burma-Shave fashion along your street or driveway.

Find tombstones for any theme party idea in the Personalized Halloween Decorations store.

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