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Plan a Vampire Theme Event

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 31, 2011

We know that vampires nowadays are romantic figures and popular year ‘round, but we still appreciate them especially near Halloween. We also know they tend to love the good life! So when we do the monster math, it comes to this: You can combine romance and easy elegance with a hot vampire theme event for Halloween, a fall fundraiser or a Homecoming dance.

Past and current vampire lore is full of places and objects from which you can derive a theme: New Orleans settings, full moons, and red apples, just to name a few. Visit Vampire party supply decorations for ideas. Then choose your colors! A formal black-and-white color scheme with red accents is dramatic, as is red-and-black with accessories of gold. You might also stray from tradition to evoke, say, a forest at midnight with dark brown and cool greens.

Invitations & Banners: Announce the Date with Damask
To our undying delight, we offer damask designs to match any vampire theme event plan, depending upon the mood you wish to set.

The Fangtastic invitation brings full-on camp, complete with blood and fangs dripping upon a gray-on-black damask pattern. Look for balloons and tableware in this design also.

Formal damask personalized banners and invitations can be customized with your wording and choice of font plus 36 color options for text, pattern and background.

Enchanted Forest Elegance invitations display beautiful, delicate green damasks on dark brown, and you can customize matching banners with a photo or logo.

Glampire Party Supplies: Just the Glam, Ma’am
Vampires and romance meet in a new, unexpected and posh presentation with new Glampire party supplies, as seen in the photo above. Decorate a large vamp venue in arches and columns of red roses or glitter fabrics, black balloons and a few bat silhouette cutouts for good measure.

Glampire lighting calls for lots of candlelight. Be sure to check out our selection of LED candles.

Finishing Touches: Bring Humor to the Table
Of course we know that neither romantic nor elegant equals stuffy. Bring a couple unexpected and humorous touches to a vampire theme event via your bar and tables. They’ll be talking about them for days!

  • Wrap Vampire Elegance or other Halloween personalized bottle labels around bottles of the “house red” or other potions of your choice.

  • Drip melted red wax or crayons on white candles to make them look like they are bleeding. (Put “safely melt crayons for dripping” in your search engine to find out how.) Place the “bleeding” candles in our black candelabras for table display.

  • Make old fashioned Halloween party favors, such as wax fangs, a part of place settings.

  • Stock the bar with syringe shot glasses, punny cocktail napkins and other Halloween tableware items.

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    Costume Party Ideas: Glee Meets Gaga

    Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 24, 2011

    Much of the charm of the “Glee meets Gaga” episode of Glee, “Born This Way,” is that the characters didn’t try to emulate Lady Gaga exactly. Instead, the Glee crew went for “Gaga-esque” and put their own personalities and personal touches on their costumes.

    For this reason, if you are considering a Lady Gaga Halloween costume party, why not a Glee Meets Gaga theme party? Pay homage to her accomplishments by retaining her spirit and setting free your own imagination as well.

    Gaga Foundation Halloween Costume Pieces
    Visit the Lady Gaga Costumes department of the Halloween Costumes store first. Here, you’ll find the black sequin two-tone dress and the blue “Poker Face” video outfit complete with matching gloves.

    This is where you’ll also get the creative juices flowing as you discover a selection of sunglasses, hats, feather and sequined masks, and wigs including the signature Lady Gaga long blonde wig with bangs. Keep your eye on that wig! We’ve got a couple fun ways to use it.

    Do-it-yourself Lady Gaga/Glee Costumes
    Gaga/Brittany’s silver lobster headdress: Make a stop in Nautical Party Supplies for a 16” long lobster cutout that you can cover in glitter in no time. Attach the finished lobster to an elasticized headband. That’s it! Since not everybody’s cut out to wear a transparent plastic dress with the headdress, you might opt for the black sequin as described above, or a simple black sheath as a contrast to the showy crustacean.

    (Incidentally, nautical also carries a captain’s hat that’s not hard to picture Lady Gaga wearing.)

    Gaga/Tina’s bubble dress: Select either silver metallic or clear crystal latex balloons. Inflate them to varying sizes but no bigger than about softball size. Create balloon ropes, each at least your own height, by attaching the knot ends of all but the smallest balloons to clear thread with small spaces between them.

    To assemble the bubble costume, climb into a bodysuit that matches your skin color as closely as possible. Drape one rope over your shoulders like a stole. Then have a friend bring the other around your torso, crossing and twisting one thread around the other at the spaces wherever possible, but keeping the thread well away from your neck! Finally, have your friend glue the smallest balloons between and on top of the larger balloons with clear- and quick-drying craft glue that is skin safe.

    To get the hair that goes with the bubble dress, trim the blonde wig with bangs to a bob length.

    Gaga/Mercedes hair bow: Get two of the blonde wigs with bangs, one for wearing and the other for extra hair to make the bow. Type “Lady Gaga’s hair bow tutorial” into your preferred search engine and watch a couple of them. Be sure to cut the second wig as close to the cap as possible for a nice long length of hair to work with. Wear with the Lady Gaga getup of your choice and the tallest shoes you dare.

    More Halloween Costume Ideas
    Why not create a Lady Gaga Meets Halloween look? Imagine fingerless gloves, a feather boa and a chic witch’s broom — all in hot pink! Browse your way through Halloween Costume Accessories and Create-A Costume prop options to pull together your own unique Halloween tribute to the pop star today.

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    Say It with Personalized Halloween Tombstones

    Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 17, 2011

    Brandish your rapier wit and dark humor using personalized Halloween tombstones for Halloween — and beyond!

    Personalized Halloween tombstones help you make a statement indoors or out, with cardboard or weather-resistant corex. Use Create-A Tombstone to select size up to 48” tall, preferred color/texture, up to four lines of text, and a ghoulish graphic.

    Personalized Tombstones for Halloween
    From a layout standpoint, tombstones work as any other decorations do and that means odd numbers of them look best. Use one as a marker for your Halloween party or haunted house as a clever alternative to a yard sign, and a minimum of three tombstones for haunted cemetery and other displays.

    If using more than a single tombstone, stagger the placement a little for best effect and add skull fencing, grave evaders and other outdoor Halloween décor.

    “Epitaphs” come easily if the message is event information; otherwise we highly recommend typing “funny epitaphs” into your favorite search engine for inspiration (and for personal enjoyment). Many of them are real, some from a century or more past. Don’t be afraid to use epitaphs you’ve read before (“I told you I was sick”) because there is always a new generation coming along who hasn’t!

    Personalized Tombstones for Milestones
    If you can’t push the envelope a bit with close friends and family, when can you? Plan an Over-the-Hill theme for a party that includes personalized tombstones.

    Use the first two lines of text for the person’s name and age. For a birthday party, fill the last two lines with his or her personal slogan or a comment about a pastime, preferably with a grave play on words:

    Evangeline Johnson
    Die-Hard Golfer

    A retirement party might focus on profession:

    Clark Billingsley, D.D.S.
    Has Filled His
    Last Cavity

    Select a tombstone size that you can put right on the cake table, and lay a bouquet of black silk roses at the base. Use with one of our graveyard backdrops or illustrations.

    Personalized Tombstones for Sports & Entertainment Themes
    Next time you have a crowd over to watch sports entertainment of a tough, no-mercy type, personalize a tombstone yard sign for the opposing team:

    Stick a Fork
    In the Eagles
    They Are

    At a minimum, we could see this for football, a hockey party and professional wrestling when the WWE’s Undertaker is in town. If you are really looking for an over-the-top way to express team spirit, place a longer message on a set of three personalized traditional tombstones in corex and place them Burma-Shave fashion along your street or driveway.

    Find tombstones for any theme party idea in the Personalized Halloween Decorations store.

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    Bavarian Oktoberfest Décor Delights

    Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 10, 2011

    A Bavarian-style Oktoberfest party is a harvest celebration involving food, friends, music, beer – not necessarily in that order – and most of all, German or Bavarian heritage and tradition.

    Get a head start on decorating your Bavarian shindig by visiting Shindigz.com’s Oktoberfest party supplies.

    One thing you’ll notice is that the blues in blue-and-white Bavarian party decorations are not always the same. Some are pale blue, some medium. That’s because there’s no rule about the shade of blue used in the Bavarian flag except it must not be navy.

    Depending upon the planned level of formality, this may or may not constitute a problem for you. If it does, we recommend embracing a two-blue color palette. Mix a light and a medium blue with white in balloon arrangements, twist two shades of streamers back-to-back and select accents that include two blues (the stein balloon holder and Oktoberfest centerpiece are examples). This approach gives mixed Oktoberfest decorations a pulled-together look without your having to obsess over whether something is the “right” shade of blue or not.

    Once you’ve dealt with the blues, here are tips for using Bavarian party supplies in four other areas that’ll need Oktoberfest party treatment.

    The Entrance
    Set the tone for the Bavarian celebration and tell guests they’ve reached the right Hofbrauhaus. Hang one of our pennant banners from a fence or railing along with personalized Oktoberfest banners in one of dozens of designs.

    Just inside, set up a fabulous made-to-order arch that does triple duty as a gateway to Bavarian delights, a photo op and an all-around conversation piece.

    The Background
    Much of Oktoberfest is spent outdoors in park settings, at street parades and in beer tents. A tent or park shelter is ideal, but you can create a tent-like feel in any room by draping lengths of a decorating fabric, such as gossamer, from the center of the room to the ceiling edges and allowing them to cascade from there to the floor. Whether you use wide swaths of material or streamers depends on venue size, room attractiveness, personal preferences for coverage, and budget.

    If the room is white, consider creating the blue two-tone streamers for this step. Create a balloon “chandelier” for hanging from the center point where the streamers meet on the ceiling, and place big Bavarian cutouts on the walls between the cascading streamers.

    The Focal Points
    Suspend a festive yet inexpensive Oktoberfest party canopy over a podium, photo setting or the burgermeister’s chair. The canopy consists of a tissue ball with four 12-foot garlands attached to it, which means a flexible fit over the size and shape of the area to be covered, and no worries about the weight of the piece.

    Use three of canopies to cover larger areas such as buffet tables or a bandstand. Tack the back garland pieces to the wall, front pieces suspended from the ceiling with fishing line as an overhead “fringe” that still divides the space but won’t get in anyone’s way.

    The Tables
    If you have a lot of tables, you’ll want to relieve the blue and white scheme with a sassy contrast. Choose primary or harvest colors for this task. Possibilities include balloon bouquets in German flag colors, piles of brown pretzels or Oktoberfest tableware, for example personalized bottle labels or coasters, in bright designs.

    For attractive table centerpieces evocative of the season, the harvest and the celebration, arrange fall flowers such as red and yellow chrysanthemums in Shindigz’ attractive, sturdy Oktoberfest steins. Add dried wheat or foxtails to the arrangement, or sprinkle hops cones around the bases of the steins.

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