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Sorry. The Mummy Ate the Easter Bunny

Posted by Wendy Moyle on April 1, 2011

Do you have family members with a morbid sense of humor, or friends who are connoisseurs of practical jokes? If so, include a visit to Halloween party supplies as part of your Easter planning for ideas that will make April Fool’s Day pranks pale in comparison.

Ideas for Easter Bunny’s Sad Fate

Plant a walking mummy yard sign that has the message: “I love Hasenpfeffer!”

Create an Easter Bunny “imposter” by gluing a skull graphic or cutout into the face place of a Paste Your Face bunny standee or by attaching bunny ears to the monster of your choice.

Customize Halloween tombstones with the epitaph: “The Rabbit Kicked the Bucket” (or better yet, “The Wabbit Kicked the Bucket” a la Elmer Fudd in the Bugs Bunny cartoon!).

Ideas for Creepy Easter Baskets

Use black tissue grass mats to line baskets instead of the usual green shred.

Place a creepy little something among the Easter basket treats: a decapitated chocolate bunny, or – definitely for PG-13 rated audiences and older – one of our severed finger Halloween decorations.

Cover baskets in fake cobwebs.

Ideas for Horrifying Easter Egg Hunts

Skull GraphicHide small plastic creepy crawlies or bug-shaped gummy candy, such as Wonka® Sluggles gummies, inside plastic eggs.

Create a broken Easter egg “fake spill” with sunny yellow paint and craft glue that dries clear (see general directions here). Stick pieces of plastic egg “shell” or real eggshell pieces in the broken “egg” before it dries. Position it strategically as an Easter surprise.

Host a Halloween “dig” instead. Place a funny personalized tombstone in a sandbox and place dinosaur eggs, Bag O’ Bones pieces and other weird stuff along with the Easter eggs.

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