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Classroom Party Decorations for Lessons on the Human Body

Posted by Wendy Moyle on March 20, 2011

Skeleton Wall Cling

When it comes time for classroom study of the human body, look to Shindigz.com’s assortment of skeleton Halloween decorations for fun and affordable help with teaching witch which bones are connected to which.

One such product is the Skeleton Wall Cling by Martha Stewart Crafts™, shown at right (click on the image for a version you can zoom into). These realistic-looking Halloween decorations are detailed enough to provide a visual guide for elementary-level school anatomy studies at a cost under $20. As wall decorations, they do not take up precious floor space, and they come in pieces that you can position at just the right height for your class and in the right configuration to leave wall space for labeling the bones as you wish.

The Martha Stewart™ name means the skeleton wall cling is durable, too. With a little care, you can remove and store the skeleton for next year.

Here are some suggestions for using other skeletal Halloween party supplies for school anatomy units:

  • Cut off individual skeletons from our string of skeletons for individual student study.

  • Use glitter skeleton table sprinkles pieces as markers in “anatomy bingo” games, or as tokens for correct answers during anatomy contests that the winners can later trade for other prizes.

  • For the youngest school-agers, hang the simpler vinyl glowing skeleton set, that looks more childlike, instead.

  • Of course, any of the above classroom helpers can do duty as actual classroom Halloween party decorations when the time comes! See you in Halloween party supplies and Everything Elementary at Shindigz.com.

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