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Deadly Mardi Gras Decorations

Posted by Wendy Moyle on February 14, 2011

Crypt StandeeIf you think every Mardi Gras theme party must evince the raucous atmosphere of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, you are missing out on some ghostly, ghastly, but vastly entertaining possibilities.

New Orleans is haunted, so haunted that enterprising operators build entire tours around the paranormal, and some of the city’s oldest cemeteries are among the most visited in the nation. For a wicked change, host a Haunted New Orleans Mardi Gras party set in a century-old cemetery using our collection of Halloween decorations.

Consider the Black Raven invitation with its graveyard graphic for this purpose, for its pleasing color scheme and the ease you’ll find in matching the design to banners, yard signs and other products.

Transform walls into a nighttime horizon with drapes of lush Mardi Gras purple and navy gossamer, being sure to leave a spot for the Graveyard Background illustration. The Graveyard Gates entrance or lighted Spooktacular Cemetery arch can greet guests at the door impressively. Select another stand-alone piece, such as the crypt standee or 3D Spooky Tree, for a more central location in the party room and surround it with personalized tombstones and black tissue grass mats as a focal point.

Rim the edges of purple-covered tables with white skull garland, and top them with silver table settings and glitter skeleton table sprinkles that echo the gray of the tombstones. For centerpieces, we love the flaming table torch decoration for a sensational splash of garish red.

A Haunted Big Easy should have easy party favors, too. If you select the Black Raven line, you’ll find cookie tins, lollipops, bottle labels and window clings — and that’s just for starters. Stick with Mardi Gras tradition and pick up strings of beads in your party colors, too.

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