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Love In All the Wrong Places – Dreadful Valentine’s Day Decorations

Posted by Wendy Moyle on February 10, 2011

If you’re inclined to put a twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day party – or even to mangle it completely – you’ve come to the right blog! Here are a few ways to pull the hearts-and-flowers routine a bit out of the mainstream with Halloween decorations and other theme party supplies.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Party

Suggested Slogan: “Guns, Not Roses”

Create a style reminiscent of the movie Some Like It Hot, whether you are from Chicago or not! Pick up big city backgrounds, flapper standees and other theme party decorations and wearables from the 1920s party supplies store for a gangster-themed party.

Include a Valentine-related password to your “speakeasy” on invitations.

Present attendees with hot pink gangster guns and other 1920s party favors that can be used as props at the party. Use gangster photo frames as prizes for the best gangster costumes. Customize labels with your party colors to create “bathtub gin” bottles.

Twilight™ Party

Suggested Slogan: “BELLA!!!”

Find Twilight™ Eclipse, New Moon and Moonlight decorations, favors and tableware in Vampire party supplies to suit any Twilight fan.

Consider creating your own apple-shaped invitations for this theme.

We’re inclined to favor a more Gothic look in party decorations for this theme: black-and-white with an occasional dramatic red flourish. Try placing a Moonlight Revelers standee against a dark backdrop, and use a bowl or acrylic ice bucket filled with apples as a symbolic centerpiece atop mostly black table décor.

Don’t forget Claire de Lune.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Suggested Slogan: “Love Stinks”

Celebrate independence and singlehood by turning Valentine’s Day on its head! Start with the pinks in our Martini line of decorations and tableware from Cocktail Party Supplies coupled with plenty of black in your color scheme.

From there, add “statement” pieces from Halloween decorations. Our realistic crow, for example, makes a substitute for the bluebird of happiness. Fill vases with black silk roses, or hand single roses at the door. Finish with black balloons.

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