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Secret Weapon for Halloween Spider Webs: Webcaster Gun™

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 29, 2010

People who like cool tools and Halloween decorating will adore the Webcaster Gun™ from ShindigZ Party Supplies. It’s just as easy as it sounds: point and shoot out your own spider webs and cobwebs for creepy Halloween decorating fun!

The Webcaster requires use of an air compressor, ideally with at least 4 CFM at 90 psi, for creating your own spider webs and cobwebs almost anywhere. After a little target practice, here are some of the ways you can use the Webcaster Gun™ to create very natural – looking webs:

  • Shoot webs onto ceilings in rooms and garages – even 12-foot ceilings – without having to use a ladder.

  • “Webcast” onto autumn porch displays or into a porch corner to create homes for large hairy spiders.

  • Embellish outdoor decorations, such as Halloween tombstones or components of the Spooktacular Cemetery, with spider webs.

  • Indoors, place touches of cobwebs onto Halloween table and mantel decorations.

  • Give a room the abandoned, haunted house look by building webs that stretch from walls to furnishings (most materials are OK to webcast onto, but see instructions for precautionary notes).

  • For further decorating ideas, and to shop for the Webcaster Gun™, spiders and more, check out ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Party Décor catalog.

    2 Responses to “Secret Weapon for Halloween Spider Webs: Webcaster Gun™”

    1. Chinsu said

      Very good idea…

    2. Lesley said

      wow, I am not an A listed Halloween decorator, so I don’t really need a cobweb gun, but this is a very cool idea. Do they also have snow flakes for Christmas?

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