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Mini Pumpkins Cake Pan Arriving Soon

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 6, 2010

We are pleased to show you our new 3-D Mini Pumpkins Cake Pan, which will be ready to ship July 15! Each pan will bake 4 pumpkin tops and 4 bottoms at one time. When baked and cooled, “glue” tops and bottoms together with a thin layer of icing. Embellish these adorable pumpkins with green and orange icing and serve them by themselves or with spider cupcakes “hiding” among them!

The spiders are always a hit at parties but labor-intensive. We recommend recruiting help with decorating, or setting part of the batch aside for a simpler treatment.

Hairy Spider Cupcakes
yellow or chocolate cake mix
chocolate frosting
standard-sized marshmallows (not mini)
chocolate sprinkles
small round candies (e.g., cinnamon “red hot” type/size)
black whip licorice (if you need a substitute, try chocolate-dipped chow mein noodles or thin pretzel sticks)

Bake cupcakes according to package directions. While they are baking and/or cooling, trim licorice for legs and cut marshmallows in half for the spiders’ heads.

To assemble, spread a thin layer of frosting on the cut side of a marshmallow half. Place the marshmallow on the top of the cupcake near the edge, frosted side down, as the head. Frost the rest of the marshmallow and top of cupcake. Drop chocolate sprinkles all over, then place candies on the head as eyes. Poke pieces of licorice into the top, on either side of the head, as legs.

Nothing beats our Sweet Station-Halloween for displaying and serving your creations!

We hope you enjoy the new cake pan and the recipe! For more pumpkins, spiders and other ideas for your Halloween table, shop ShindigZ Party’s Halloween pages.

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