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Halloween a Real Treat at Moyle House

Posted by Wendy Moyle on November 5, 2009

As could be expected, Halloween is a big event in the Moyle household. And with the spooky day falling on a Saturday this year, we knew it was going to be something special.

We always start by renting out one of the local trolleys and we invite over 30 families to be a part of the Halloween extravaganza. As you can see from the pictures, everyone dresses up—some of my favorites this year—the Kolars as spaghetti and meatballs, Sue Hoagburg as octo-mom (note the eight plastic babies strapped to her body) and Sharon Disher as a biker girl—showed just how creative our group is.

Wendy and I decided to go as our unfinished house and we scrounged building materials, paint rags, blueprints, and various construction junk to decorate our bodies. Frankly, the building process is so scary, I am not sure a costume can adequately convey the overwhelming fear of the whole nightmare. But I digress.

We also had an amazing turnout from the teenagers. At first, we thought our teens would not participate and that they were too cool to still be a part of our now ninth year of trolley treating. Fortunately, we had over 20 teens be a part of the event. Leaving our home and somehow stuffing all of us into the trolley was a minor miracle. We all use our glow necklaces and everyone is required to wear one on the trolley—

  • a. for safety to be seen at night and
  • b. so we know where the kids in our group are as they assault houses in the neighborhood.
Happy Halloween Candy Bar from the Moyles

Happy Halloween Candy Bar from the Moyles

This year, we not only handed out the traditional candy, but we gave out our new custom candy bars complete with Halloween wishes from the Moyles. Needless to say, they were all gone by the time we returned. It is always so fun to see the younger kids all dressed up in the shindigz costumes they picked out way back in august when we first publish our offerings for the year. They are so excited about this fun and candy riddled holiday.

After trolleying about for over two hours, it’s back home for a pot luck dinner of epic proportions while the kids sort candy, play sting pong, guitar hero and basketball in the driveway. Everyone gets to enjoy our “haunted bathroom” complete with spiderwebs, skeletons and the dreaded glow in the dark toilet seat. It was all pretty funny till someone slipped off in the dark.  🙂

Spider Candy Bar from the Moyles

Spider Candy Bar from the Moyles

We had our giant hanging creature over 12 feet high in the hallway and lots of Halloween décor all about the house including the custom tombstones I did for the kids. I am not sure any of them found my copywriting punny or entertaining, but I enjoyed it at least. The party went well past midnight as we enjoyed the company of great friends and their kids. We look forward to next year already.

Happy haunting!!!!


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