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Halloween Classroom Party Crafts & Activities

Posted by Wendy Moyle on June 5, 2009

Foamies-Candy-Corn-Craft-KitHalloween crafts and activities are a great way to have fun with the kids at your Halloween classroom party. We also have Halloween favors which are great for prizes and party favors.

Have some reading time. Here are some great Halloween book suggestions:

* Who Said Boo? Halloween Poems for the Very Young
By Nancy White Carlstrom
* The Halloween Tree
By Ray Bradbury
* Franklin’s Halloween
By Paulette Bourgeois
* The Pumpkin Patch Parable
By Liz Curtis Higgs

There are also tons of fun activities and crafts for your Halloween Classroom Party.

COSTUME PARADE AND CONTEST – If you are planning a party at school, organizing a costume parade is always a big hit. Be sure to award prizes in lots of different categories so that everyone is a winner. Some category ideas…most colorful, most creative, scariest, best makeup, sweetest, creepiest, etc. For prizes, award easy to make Boo-tiful medals to all the contestants. Cover unwrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups™ with 4″ black foil squares (available at baking and craft supply stores). Cut ¾” width satin or floral ribbon into 28″ lengths. Glue the two cut edges together, then glue the covered “medal” to the bottom of the cut edges.

TWISTY SPIDERS – The big hit of any Halloween party. Our 36″ monster-sized spiders come with directions and are easy to assemble. You may want to have a few extra adults on hand, so that younger children can finish this “craft” in a timely manner.

MASK MANIA – To prevent sugar overload, take some time during your party to decorate our simple Masks with pipe cleaners, scraps of felt, fake hair, plastic bugs, fake fingers, plastic spiders, eyeballs, rhinestones or stickers.

CRAFT KITS – Be sure to check out our craft kits that make life easy with everything you need for great crafts!

COOKIE MONSTERPIECE – This activity doubles as a snack, as children decorate their own sugar cookies. Have a station set up with plenty of sugar cookies cut out in Halloween shapes, on individual plates, along with different colors of frosting, sprinkles, candy corn, and other goodies. This has worked equally well with 2 year-old preschoolers and with 5th graders.

PAINTED PUMPKINS – Purchase one mini pumpkin or gourd for each child, and using tempera paints or paint pens, and let each child personalize a pumpkin.

FACE PAINTING – Some schools do not allow students to wear costumes. Instead, host a hat parade, and treat the kids to some fun, colorful face paint!

FRIGHTFUL FRAMES For each child, you’ll need a clear plastic acrylic frame, a supply of clip-on Crawlies and some tacky glue. Glue the spiders to the outside edge of the frame, and allow time for the glue to dry. Our acrylic frames (check out our Personalized Favors & Gifts Store) can be imprinted with your special message for as little as $1.75/frame. Large quantities are even less expensive. The Polaroid™ Pop-Shots camera provides a terrific way to take pictures at a party, and allow children to take home a frame filled with a creepy picture to give as a gift. (Ages 3-12)

MONSTER PAWS – Using plastic gloves, purchased at beauty supply stores or the deli counter, stick one piece of candy corn at the tip of each finger. Fill the glove with pre-popped popcorn, and tie with curling ribbon, yarn or with a pipe cleaner. Add a little tag with a message, and the hand can be used as a party invitation, table decoration, or favor

CREEPY CRAWLIE POP – For each pop, you’ll need 2 black pipe cleaners, 2 wiggly eyes, 1 Tootsie Pop™, and a 4″X4″ piece of black foil or black tissue. Wrap the black foil around the sucker, leaving the existing wrapper in place. Cut the black pipe cleaners in half, then center them at the base of the pop and wrap them around the stick, so that there are four legs on each side. Bend the pipe cleaners to resemble legs, then glue wiggly eyes in place. This is an easy craft idea, or a great little favor.

BUGS ON A LOG – This extra-easy to make treat is a fun activity for little children, and then can be instantly consumed. Ingredients: Pretzel Rods, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chips. Dip pretzel rod into peanut butter, (about half of the pretzel should be covered), and then roll in chocolate chips. If you are allowing the children to participate, it is easiest to give each of them a plate with their own portion of ingredients on it. They’ll enjoy the making as much as the tasty eating!

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