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Add Some Shine with Halloween Lights

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 16, 2008

Lights aren’t just for Christmas! Add some shine to your Halloween decorations this year with spooky light strands, lanterns and other lighting effects. There’s plenty of styles of Halloween lights to suit your fancy whether you’re trying to decorate spookily or with a comical style.

A strand of  creepy critters electrical lights is a great accent for your doorways, banisters or bushes. The light set features jack o’lanterns, pumpkins and bats with bright colors sure to make a splash.

For a spookier look, try the spider electric lights. The multicolored spiders are sure to startle the arachnophobe at your party. The lights change colors and multiple strands can be used together, end to end.

A lighted spider weband spider makes a frightfully good accent. Hang it near a doorway or in a dark corner to add a spooky glow.

A pumpkin lighted sign is a great accent for your lawn this Halloween. The metal and glass lighted column is 48” high and features arrows pointing the way to the Pumpkin Patch, Bat Bayou and the Goblin Garden. It’s fun for use all fall long, not just for Halloween.

Add a rustic look to your Halloween décor with Halloween lamp posts. The plastic lamp post is 6’ high and features a candle light bulb that you plug in. Accent the lamp post with some illuminated grim reaper columns for an extra scary touch.

For a simpler autumn look, use Halloween lanterns on your porch or in your house. The orange paper lanterns are 9” x 10” and are available in witch or bat patterns.

Add a fantastic lighting effect to all of your Halloween decorations with a special lighting effect such as a black light or a strobe light.

Check out all of our Halloween decorating ideas and tell us about your plans for Halloween!

One Response to “Add Some Shine with Halloween Lights”

  1. Stephanie said

    Halloween paper lanterns – what a great idea! Wonder where I could find some in Seattle…

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