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Create a Creepy Party with Dungeon Decorations

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 10, 2008

For a really creepy Halloween party this year, create a dungeon setting for your event! ShindigZ has tons of decorations to create your dungeon party scene.

Start by covering walls with gray, stone pattern or black seamless paper. The paper is wonderful for covering walls and is super easy to use.

You can also cover walls and create a complete scene with the Instant Dungeon Scene Setter! Peel off the backing on each item and place it on the wall. The scene setters are easy to remove and move to a different arrangement. Choose from a stone wall backdrop (4’ x 30’), dirt floor backdrop, spider web border, stairway, window, and torch props, dungeon dweller props, trapped ghoul, raven skulls or candle skulls. Pick an assortment and arrange them however you want for maximum scares!

Cobwebs are a must-have for this theme. Use spider webs to add an eerie accent all over the room. The webcaster gun is perfect for creating spider webs in a breeze and in a variety of colors.

Add an eerie entrance to your dungeon party with the Crypt Standee. The cardboard standee is 8’ h x 5 ¾’ w and can be personalized with your wording at the top.

Next, add some gore to your party with scary decorations. The Bloody Corpse Bag is a creepy addition for a deadly touch. The decoration includes a black nylon bag with a zipper, a bloody skeleton hand and a bloody skeleton foot.

The Stock and Chain Decoration is perfect for an interactive touch. Guests will love putting their hands and feet inside the 32” wide x 24” high stocks. Add some extra chain link decorations to complete the look. Have hosts or special guests wear rusty ball and spike chain accessories around the party too!

In the corner, place a Large Demon Bat decoration. The hanging latex bat has posable feet and can hang upside down or right side up. It’s 4’ h x 13” wide.

Add some table torches and lanterns around the party tables for a themed accent. They really light up too!

A fog machine makes a fantastic special effect to really add some spookiness to the event.

As a finishing touch, add our 3-D wall torches around your room. The torches are easy to assemble and look real! Each is 17” and made from card stock. They come in packages of two and are the perfect accent for your walls!

Tell us about your Dungeon Halloween Party and check out the rest of our Halloween decorations and tips!

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