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Decorate with a Midnight Dreary Halloween Table

Posted by Wendy Moyle on August 17, 2008

A well decorated table is a way to tie your Halloween decorations together and establish a theme. It also is a fun way to have a festive family dinner or a fantastic looking party table. For a spooky-chic look this Halloween, try the Midnight Dreary Tableware and coordinate your table decorations to it!

The Midnight Dreary Ensemble features a skull and crossbones pattern with a Victorian lace print around the edges and spider webs in the background. Plus, the black and white color scheme works in seamlessly with all your decorations. Order beverage napkins, luncheon napkins, 7” square plates, 10” square plates, 9 oz hot/cold cups and a black plastic table cover.

Cover your table with a black plastic table cover or with spider web patterned gossamer. For an extra stylish effect, layer the gossamer material over the plastic table cover. Over the top, scatter black metallic star confetti.

Edge the table with skull tissue garland. Use the skull garland to hang around your room too, adding some extra oomph. To draw in the spider web print on the tableware, hang a spider web ceiling decoration above the table too.

Near your table, hang the Skull Icon Personalized Banner. Customize the banner with your own wording and we’ll print it on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. You can use the banner year after year for Halloween festivities. Plus the banners are available in seven different sizes to suit your needs. The Skull Border Personalized Banner is another great choice.

Add skull glitter twists hanging from the ceiling throughout your party space for an extra decorating dimension.

Create balloon bunches using black and white balloons. Inflate the balloons with helium and cluster them in bunches of odd numbers (3, 5, 7…). Tie them together with black and white curling ribbon and hold them in place with a balloon weight. Use the spider balloon weight (with sound!) for a themed touch.

Use party favors to add the finishing touch on your table decorations. Gothic Skull Goblets are awesome for serving drinks in. Set a squish, squoosh skull or a light up skull keychain at each place around the table. Guests will love taking these decorations home with them!

Check out all of our Halloween table decorations and tell us about your Halloween festivities!

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