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Halloween Decorating Has Never Been So Fun!

Posted by Wendy Moyle on November 5, 2007

Classroom Halloween DecorationsThis year, instead of getting the mom’s and dad’s together to decorate the classroom for the Halloween party, we let the student’s decorate. We might not be ready for Martha Stewart, but there has never been a group of kids more excited with the end result then Mr. Stronczek’s class of fourth graders.

My youngest son Max is my last child in the lower school. Next year, it’s the middle school, and decorating for Halloween definitely takes a back seat. So, given that I am the Party Girl, I decided to do it up right. Somewhere along the way, plans changed – and the end result was so much better. Max and his teacher called an audible. The students would decorate the classroom.

I shopped ShindigZ.com for a variety of Halloween products that would hopefully meet the tastes of the varied students and not be too scary for the school. Max and his friends, willingly carried box after box of décor into the classroom and the fun began.

One group set off to cover the classroom in cob webs; chairs, tables, blackboard, windows, computers and anything else that got in their way. Another student took on the task of assembling the three stacking lighted jack o lanterns and soon shared one with each of the fourth grade classes. There were friendly skeletons and pumpkins around the room, no filing cabinet or cabinet was left untouched. The door was covered in a curtain of spider web gossamer topped with dancing skeletons. Black and orange tissue balls were hung, garland graced the walls and mini bats were everywhere

The buses were loading and the kids weren’t ready to leave. The fourth grade hallway needed a burst of Halloween and neighboring classrooms jumped in on the fun. Of course, teachers and moms helped along the way, but mostly we watched and smiled as the kids proudly worked side by side. As we placed the spider web corrugated border along the chalkboard, I thought we were done, only to be corrected by a student who popped their head into the room asking me, “What decorations was I bringing tomorrow? “

I had no idea the excitement level would be so high. Although I was tempted to “fix” a few items here and there – I let it be. I had just witnessed a whirlwind of activity with a successful end result. It was a great lesson in teamwork, working together toward a common goal, and trying something new. All in all, a great day at school. Of course, the stage has been set for the upcoming Holiday season. I will be better prepared, bringing enough for all three fourth grade classrooms and the fourth grade hallway too. ‘Tis the season….

A list of items used by the students can be found below.

1. stacking pumpkins
2. lighted spider web
3. spider web corrugated border
4. cob webs
5. Halloween decorating kit
6. dancing skeletons
7. bat garland
8. lantern garland
9. black and orange drapery
10. spider gossamer
11. Halloween deco corrugated paper
12. Adrian the Ghost
13. Bag ‘o bones cutouts
14. Halloween magic deco wrap
15. Sneaky kids pumpkin and witch
16.Pumpkin bunting
17. Jointed spider

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