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Celebrate Halloween with Adult Costumes

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 19, 2007

Cell Phone CostumeEven adults—or big kids—like to dress up for Halloween. There are tons of costumes for adults, ranging from scary to sexy. We even have costumes that will crack up your friends.

For women, Masquerade Countess or Queen costumes offer a cool combination of spooky and sexy, perfect for a Halloween costume party. A classic costume for women is dressing like Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood Starlet costume offers the iconic white dress perfect for dressing like Ms. Monroe.

For something more innocent, try a nun costume or celestial angel costume.

There are also costumes for women inspired by movies and TV, such as a Padme Amidala costume, or an Elizabeth Swann costume from Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for humor, try a Pretty Polly costume to dress as a doll, box and all. The cell phone sandwich board costume is a great option for text message addicts, male and female alike.

We have plenty of costumes for the guys too.

Hangman’s Noose CostumeFor a scary costume, try a body bag costume or evil jester costume. They’re sure to freak out your friends, or any trick-or-treaters who come to the door.

If you prefer a costume that will make people laugh, try a nerd costume or kissing booth costume.

Whether you want to be a wizard or a superhero, we have tons of movie and TV inspired costumes for men. The Lord of the Rings costumes include Gandalf and Legolas. There are also Captain Jack Sparrow costumes, sure to be a hit!

If he’s reluctant to dress up, try one of our EZ Guy costumes, including simple t-shirts and accessories for a funny, no-effort costume. The hangman’s noose costume is another easy, creepy costume.

There are plenty of couple’s costumes too, for dressing up for the parties together!

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