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Set a Startlingly Cool Halloween Table

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 12, 2007

Smoking Cauldron KitWhether you’re hosting a classroom Halloween party, a costume party, or simply a fun family affair, a well decorated table makes a great focal point for the rest of your get-together.

The first step to setting your Halloween table is table covers. Cover your tables with a black or orange table cover. We have plenty of other options including a Trick or Treat plastic table cover or a pumpkin and web table roll. A spider web table cover is another attractive choice.

The next step is choosing table decorations. We have tons of awesome centerpieces and other table decorations. A sweet station is a great, functional centerpiece. Stock it with tons of cupcakes and other treats for a festive accent. For a funny touch, try a talking vampire. He’ll talk to your guests and add an awesome accent to your tabletop.

There are tons of creepy or gross accents for you to add to your table. Use a brain or heart mold to create an edible decoration your guests will squeal over. Trick your guests with Gore-May Crackers. Set one on each food tray to startle unsuspecting guests.

Our flesh and bone candles are a ghoulish touch. As the candles burn they reveal bones and blood (not real)! For a less gory option, try our Halloween hand candle holder.

Some table decorations double as party favors. Fill table coffins with snacks and write guests names on them with white or silver paint pens. Set them on tables as decorations or place cards then let guests take them home.  Halloween goblets also work as favors and decorations. Serve drinks in them!

The final step is choosing Halloween tableware. We have several great ensembles to choose from. The Halloween Spider Tableware Ensemble has a cool cartoonish look. For a scary option try our Cemetery Terror Ensemble. Solid colored orange and black tableware also makes a striking appearance.

Check out more Halloween tabletop supplies.

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