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Howl with Laughter Over Halloween Party Activities

Posted by Wendy Moyle on September 7, 2007

Frankie and Bride StandeeHave some video cameras on hand at your party. Divide the guests into as many teams as you have cameras and instruct the teams to create a five-minute horror film. Be sure to have some props handy for them to get creative with. When they are done, watch the films as a group and give prizes for the most original, most realistic, scariest, etc. For fun props, have some of the following items available to use:

• Jason Stand-Up
• Glow in the Dark Insects and Rats
• Butcher’s Knife
• Theatrical Blood
• Crime Scene Kit

Host your party as a Murder Mystery Dinner and keep your guest guessing all night! For books that give directions on how to host one of these fun parties, check out this website: http://www.mystery-games.com

Have a picture taking party with a fun Personalized Frankie and Bride Stand-In.

Candy Corn Catch – Divide your guests into teams. Tie a plastic pumpkin around the waist of one member. Place those members several feet away from the rest of the teams. On the word, “go” have the teams toss candy corn toward their team member wearing the pumpkin. Whichever team gets the most candy in the bucket during the allotted time wins!

Stick with a proven party hit by letting your guests take a whack at a Halloween pinata and let the sweet treats fall!

Pass the Spider Game – Really creep your friends out with this game! Before the party, tie a Plastic Spider to a ball of black yarn. Make sure you have one for each team. At the party, divide your guests into two or more teams and have them line up in a straight line. The object is to be the first team to be tied together by the “spider web.” On the word “go” the first person in the line must pass the spider up one sleeve, across their chest; down the other sleeve to the next person keep the string in their clothing. The next person does the same thing until every team member is tied together. The first team done wins!

Balloon Stuff Game – Make a real “pop” at the end of this one! Blow up lots of orange and black balloons before the party. Keep your guests divided into teams and give each team a large sweat suit. Have the smallest team member put the suit on and on the signal have the others stuff as many balloons into the sweat suit as possible. After about one minute yell “stop” and the team with the fewest balloons left wins! You can do this as many times as you want, but after the last time pass out toothpicks for the guests to pop the balloons! Very fun for any age!

Fortunes and Ghost Stories – For this activity you will definitely want to purchase a flaming table torch. Place the brewing witch’s pot on the floor in the center of your room and have your guests gather around. Hire a professional fortuneteller or storyteller and spook your guests by hearing eerie stories and future occurrences.

Halloween Limbo – Add some fun to your bash with an exciting and festive Limbo competition! There’s a perfect reusable limbo set.

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