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Decorations for a Humorous Halloween

Posted by Wendy Moyle on July 30, 2007

Mummy StandeeHalloween may feature ghosts, monsters and zombies, but it doesn’t have to be scary. There are plenty of humorous Halloween decorations, costumes and party supplies to choose from for a Halloween that makes your friends and neighbors laugh, not scream!


Place a jack ‘o lantern stack light on your front porch to greet guests or tick-or-treaters with bright smiles.  Personalized Halloween banners are also great for sending your custom Halloween message. A zombie candy grabber is a great accessory for your front porch. Kids can pull candy out of the zombie’s stomach for a fun spin on trick-or-treating.


Guests or trick-or-treaters will love taking hilarious photos with our photo stand-ins. A Mummy Standee or Juggling Skeleton Photo-op are perfect for a fun monster photo. Couples or friends will get great pictures with a Frankie and Bride Photo-op.


Create a fun kids’ area at your Halloween party with a child’s Halloween castle decoration for a play area. Set up a pumpkin bean bag toss or a monster lab bean bag toss for the kids to play with. Adults will get a kick out of these games too (just make them stand further away!).Barber Chair Skeleton Everyone loves a piñata! A Frankenstein piñata is perfect for a treat-filled game at your Halloween party.


Special effects and animation are a great way to add some humor to your Halloween decorations. Add a barber chair skeleton to a tabletop and let him sing to your guests. Or, set up a dancing Frankenstein at the doorway to greet guests with a festive song and dance. A pumpkin giggle buddy will bring tons of laughs to any place you choose to hang it. Stick a talking vampire head in a dish and surround it with chips, cookies or candy for a table accent that will get guests gabbing.


Balloons are a simple, fun accent to any of your decorations. Halloween balloons will look great in clusters around your party space. Tie them together with a spider balloon weight with sound for a novel accent. A Frankenstein Mylar or dancing skeleton Mylar balloons are cute accents to your party décor.


Check out all of our Halloween decorations to create your own fun look. There are tons of Halloween party supplies, decorations and favors to fit your funny Halloween theme or for a scary Halloween too!

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